Legality of pepper spray and situations in which it may be used?

Does anyone know the legality of pepper spray (widely available on e.g. Shopee) and situations in which it may be used (e.g. someone comes close to your kids and yells cuss words out of the blue, which happened to Dragonbabe and the boys recently, vs. someone threatens to hit you or your kids, etc. — is there a line)?


Following. Been curious about this specific question myself.

I doubt someone cussing at you is enough for using pepper spray. You could end up being the one charged with a criminal assault offense. First take video of someone threatening you and call the police.


“Bat vs. Chili Pepper Water Showdown!” Lawyer points out the key to self-defense

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Water based is legal, oil based is not. When you can use it is a different matter!

I’ll one up you.

Take video. Call lawyer. Settle out of court. Get compensated.

Personal experience.

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Thanks a lot! This mandarin article is explaining very well I think what is more and less legal.

Summary: you can only use pepper spray (or other self-defence) in case of a present attack.

In the example used, someone comes at you carrying a baseball bat. You have pepper spray.

Future: the person comes at you, maybe threatens, but didn’t start swinging yet. You may NOT spray him, because he didn’t attack you yet

Present: the person started swinging at you. You may spray him, because he started to attack you.

Past: the person dropped the bat and is holding his eyes after you stayed him. You may not spray him again, because he already stopped attacking you.

Of course there is never any 100% clear you won’t get into trouble. But those are some guidelines that give you ideas.


Seems like bullshit but I have been told probably a few hundred times that pepper spray proper is a female only product. it used to be sold fairly freely in night markets and certain shops, they always said they needed to hand it off to the wife, not me (males). but I’m curious if these “common sayings” are actually based on reality?

on the flip side, peppers are everywhere and tea is easy to make. you cna even buy capsaicin extracts here. refill some dainty dumb SOGO type spray cosmetic with a tea and all laws skirted?

I don’t know. I don’t think laws here depend on gender, that would be unconstitutional.

I think it’s basically folklore assumption. The assumption is that no criminals would prey on men and that men should be able to fight their way out, while women can’t so they need pepper spray.

Very sexist.

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One recommendation is run away. No have second amendment here , boy. :joy:

Although one can buy a cheap camera and tuck away all the time for these situations. If one is a foreigner like one, one has to wait for the first angry action.

One is not Taiwanese. Maybe Taiwanese can better explain.
Above post by someone is quite interesting via the media. One wishes never to face issues in a foreign country.

You don’t need mace. Cosmed and Watsons sell Ethanol-based hand sanitiser in pressurised containers.

It would sting to get alcohol in the eyes. Comes out quickly at great range. I keep my hands clean and have a self-defence tool all in one.

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I’d be surprised if that’s very effective in an actual situation where you’d need to use it. It probably stings a bit to get ~75% alcohol in the eyes, sure, but I doubt it’d be incapacitating.

Even if the spray goes directly in the eyes, and it’d be a lot more difficult to aim than pepper spray, which has much greater range to miss.

(I got incidentally pepper/CS/whatever sprayed by the police in China, and that was effective at quite a distance lol.)

The lovely thing about chili peppers is it lasts, not just evaporates or washes away with water.

one advantage of home made is that it will also stink to high havens after a few days. just remember to filter it thoroughly as to not clog the spray contraption.

Is it actually legal though? mace/pepperspray in product form.

Yeah, that’s true. I extracted a load of ghost peppers with 96% ethanol a couple of months back. I imagine this would work quite well as pepper spray.

I don’t know about the legality of “weaponizing” this by putting it in a spray bottle, but I didn’t and wouldn’t try. I was also quite careful while taking it out in public for some friends to try at rechao as well (wrapped in tissues with an outer plastic container in case the glass jar broke :grimacing:).

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haha, that looks deadly. for me the heat in the mouth isnt the real problem. when it gets airborne, my lungs feel like they are being excavated and I gag and purge like nothing else. even dry powders…I hate it once it gets into the air. at least in hot pot, and sauce, it is contained.

That’s not weaponising, its just easy application :wink:


you need a permission to customize, sell or hold police equipment

Types and specifications of police equipment equipped by police agencies

Sprays/oils, etc. made from peppers are just not the same as professionally made pepper spray. The professional ones can truly incapacitate targets who are directly hit: eyes swelling to the point of (temporary) blindness, intense mucus flow, and coughing fits; even vomiting in some individuals.