Legality of Private Tutoring (in your apartment)

How did you find your students? I am interested to teach young students or university students, but it seems hard to find them online. Finding students online seems very limited, that is by using sites such as Tealit and 11111. Do you know how to find students to tutor?

I have been wondering this too, I hope someone can answer this

It’s called an “open work permit”.

“Open work rights” is an umbrella term that indicates not being restricted (much) in what work you can do, whether it’s because you have an open work permit, a marriage-based ARC, a working holiday visa, refugee status, or (of course) NWHR status.

So if you’re teaching 3 students in an apartment of one of those students parents, what is it considered? Private tutoring?

It may be so, but virtually no one uses that term. I’ve never heard it used by Taiwanese or foreigners except in this thread. One of the reasons there is often confusion out there is because people are not using standard terms to refer to or explain things.

In this forum, we often use the term of work right to include most of cases.

Taiwanese also use like this.


Are you legally allowed to teach students in an illegal apartment?

I guess you cannot get a permission for the buxiban if the place is an illegal building.

How many people have refugee status in Taiwan?

up to three people is considered private tutoring in New Taipei, but yeah if they fall over in your apartment and split their skull open then good luck with that. Yes, of course you can’t do that legally on a tourist visa

If you can think of a better umbrella term, please share. :slight_smile:

This might be a dumb question, but does the “less than 5 students enrolled” rule apply per class, per day, or in total? For example, if I have two students one day, two different ones the second, and two others the third, I’ve taught six students. Does that make me an illegal buxiban?

I believe it’s in total. But as long as you only had four at a time, how would they know?

If they came twice, if someone had videos, if someone reported me with pictures. Unlikely unless someone was out to get me, but not worth the risk.

If you are OWP, they just give you a warning first.

Is that an official policy or just what happened to @Pinoco or some other lucky person with a nice smile? It could go differently if you’re too close to a teaching center or the neighbors complain.

I’m not sure about official policy, but even illegal classes in streets crowded with competing cram schools get warned a couple of times before they get the $60,000 fine. That’s why many start operating before their license is processed and awarded. You’ll just get warned a few times and you’ll have your license before they check too many times.

I’m speaking of teaching in an apartment or rented office space. Getting a license isn’t that easy if you don’t have money to throw at it. And unless I’m wrong, not just any space can be licensed as a buxiban.

Gotcha, the issue is that if I go through the trouble of renting a place only to find it’s either impossible or not economically feasible license it, I’ve lost whatever I put into it, plus I have to get out of the rental contract.