Legally employing a domestic helper

Is it legal to employ a domestic helper (part time) who has a full time contract with someone else?

There seems to be a lot of helpers who are looking for part time work and who say that there full time employer have given permission for them to work outside of their own homes. Just wondering if this is legal…

No, it isn’t. You can’t just work for someone else otherwise people would be hiring out their domestics as a means of covering the cost of keeping them. You’re also only allowed to work for one employer and unless the have an OWP or the 2nd employer is sanctioned by the gov’t., they can’t just take any job only the one legally sanctioned for them by gov’t laws.

The reality is no one cares though and if the deal is good and you need domestic help, then by all means go for it.

Do be aware a lot of SE Asians use the school system as a means of staying in Taiwan while they work. All my Indonesian classmates have full time jobs.



Sorry to be dense but what does OWP mean?

I thought as much that a contract would be binding to one employer only.

A friend of mine has a part time domestic helper who had said that her main employer is an Embassy and that means that she is allowed to work elsewhere, as they don’t need her full time. although they are the ones to sign her contract.

I guess that this is illegal as well?

I know that lots of people employ illegal domestic helpers and have no problem with it, but my concern is, is that if something goes missing or there is an accident in the home, I won’t be able to do anything about it (like go to the police) as the helper was working for me illegally in the mean time. I have heard far too many “amah drama’s” since living in Asia.

There’s nothing at all to stop you from legally hiring a domestic helper as long as he or she is an ROC national.

It’s illegal. People do get caught. The fines on the employer are heavy and the illegally employed maid gets deported. Not a good idea. Why not contact an employment center and hire a Taiwanese legally.

Exactly what Sandman & Feiren said, hire a local person & you won’t have a problem. We had a Phillipina coming into our house once per week for a few weeks only, she was caught on another of her moonlighting jobs, gave all her “employers” names to the FAP and every single family was fine NT$150000,-. We tried to argue, beg and fight, sent a petition and all, but to no avail, we had to pay in the end. She was also illegal as she had run away from her initial factory job (which of course we didn’t know at the time), but the FAP told us that that actually doesn’t make a difference, illegally employed is illegally employed as work permits, as was said correctly earlier, are usually issued for one employer only. There are exceptions, but then all jobs are listed on the permit. The girls themselves need jobs, which of course I sympathize with, so they will tell you all sorts of stuff about what they are allowed to do and what not … they’re not! We calculated that we paid appr. NT$12500,-/hour for her services, on top of what we gave her of course!! Xpet.