Legally work remotely after switching job

Let’s presume that a none-Taiwanese has been hired in a company registered and located in Taiwan and as result acquired ARC and work permit. If that individual were to resign from that position and leave the company after a certain period, I have heard that he/she can still remain in Taiwan until the visa expiration date.

If that is the case, then I would like to explore the possibility of how someone could legally work 100% remotely in Taiwan for a company registered abroad until the current visa expires?

In other words:

  • The company do not have any legal representation or direct business in Taiwan
  • The work would be conducted 100% remotely (programming, blogging or whatever)
  • Salary would be paid and transferred to the employee bank account in Taiwan
  • The employee would leave Taiwan before the current visa expires

I don’t believe that is correct; an employment-based residency permit is cancelled when the job ends. You can now request a six month extension to look for another job, but that does not give you work rights, much less open work rights to work as an independent remote worker.

I could be incorrect, however. I haven’t had to navigate any of this in years and the system has changed multiple times since I last did.

Of course, you can probably get away with doing this simply by never telling anyone, but you would be violating the law, and if caught somehow would be fined and likely deported.


My understanding is working online, providing the “provision of labor” (提供勞務) was outlined by the Ministry of Labor in 2018 as requiring a work permit:
(The attached PDF)