Lentils.. where to buy

most other dried beans i find here takes hours and overnight soaking to cook. prefer if its in taipei

I got a big bag of lentils for about 50NT in the dry goods store near Zhuwei MRT station. Can’t guarantee they still have them - this was about 3 months ago.

Directly opposite the MRT you’ll see a road lined with lots of shops. Cross the bridge and walk down that road about 20 meters: on your left is a narrow road lined with market stalls. Don’t go down that road. Instead, go up onto the plaza behind the market stalls and head towards the shops in the background (you’ll have to detour around the stairs to an underground supermarket). Now follow the row of shops around to the left. You’ll see the dry goods store almost immediately. You can’t miss it - they’ve got all their stock out on the pavement.

All organic shops carry lentils. There are plenty in Taipei. Carrefore also has pre-cooked canned lentils.

i have been looking in most organic stores i come across and they dont have it… i live right across from yongan market mrt and there is an organic store + carrefore there.

ill check out the store finley mentioned and continue hitting the organic stores hopefully i find some. not really interested in canned food.

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The welcome store on Anhe Lu has a large selections of beans including lentils.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about the brown kind, not the orange masoor dal or the like, right?

I haven’t been able to find the brown variety in recent searches (including at organic stores), though the orange kind is now fairly plentiful.

yea im looking for the greenish brown type i eat back at home all the time. i searched a lot of stores and still cant find it. im tempted to ask my brother in California to send me some.

i tried the wellcome store on anhe rd today but couldnt find them… they have a nice cheap bakery got had enough carbs for a week on my visit there. also searched a couple diy’s. still cant find them.

will try the store finly suggested this weekend.

if anyone find them can u take a photo of the bags in the store and let me know where u bought it?

This is what I bought:

I’ll probably go to Zhuwei tomorrow so I’ll see if the shop still has them.

Went to have a look yesterday evening. Brown lentils are gone, I’m afraid. They do still have the split (orange) ones, if those are of any use, but I’ve noticed they’re more widely available anyway.

yea i gave up. ill just use mung beans as substitute since they are cheap and cook rather quickly compared to other beans.

iHerb.com - many varieties here, with good prices and cheap shipping to Taiwan. Maybe you can find them for cheaper someplace in Taiwan, not sure.
Anyway, here are some examples:
iherb.com/search?kw=lentils& … =-157#none

Probably not worth the shipping cost ($4 - 6) unless you order some other items along with it. One thing to consider is that orders of $60 qualify for cheap express (2 - 4 day) shipping.

To save $5 on your first order, use coupon code [color=#800040]xap021[/color]. I don’t work for iHerb, but feel welcome to ask me about any products or help with ordering.

I get my lentils at No. 4 Park DIY baking store in Yonghe/Jonghe. (do a search on DIY baking stores for a full list)They don’t always have them but if they know I will buy, they will order next time. Leave your number and they will call you or SMS when they get in. Not much English. Also, Navy beans and other hard to find stuff. You just need to speak Chinese, have someone with you that does, pictures of what you want or a a good translation program on your android. Recently, they have come to know that if they stock brown lentils and/or navy beans, I will buy them out as soon as I get the message.
EDIT: Another item that I have a hard time finding is course ground cornmeal for my cornbread. I used to find it at RT Mart but my local store seems to have stopped carrying it so that’s my next adventure.

City Super have it. Basement of sogo near ZhiShan MRT. It’s over at the back near the cookware section, IIRC.

Thx. I’ll be up that way next week. I will most certainly stop in. I hope you can have an eve to stop in down my way (Tuchen) and have a big bowl of ham and beans with as much cornbread, honey and butter as y’ll can waddle out.
Thanks bud.