Let Me Just Say

Original Title: Let me just say…

[color=darkred]Let’s keep the orginial title,as the main point is for people “let them say” encouraging things toward other posters.[/color] --[color=red]author’s note[/color].

I’m having a bad day. And I know we all have these moments.

So, here’s the deal, and I hope this keeps going as a thread, post you’re having a bad one, and everyone else post something ‘restorative’. :wink:

I remember having dinner with you at Carnegie’s before you left. It was a wonderful time. :slight_smile:

I also remember flaming you about something silly.

But I remember the dinner more. :wink:

Hope you feel better now.

I do, and thanks. I had good time, thank you very much at Carinove’s also. :raspberry: (that’s suppose to be funny, like when kids do it)

Hey, the Cubs won, and the White Sox (maybe) lose in Kansas. Maybe that makes you feel better for a second?

I was supposed to post the news update in An Interview with the Betel Nut beauty thread, but it seems better to post here. :slight_smile:

I had several interviews and discussions with my teenage part-time betal nut girl in the past few weeks. We discussed alternative choices so she could quit her part-time job, and she eventually decided to quit the job. I managed to find another part-time job for her so now she is no longer working as a betel nut girl.

Thank those forumosans who care about her.

I am happy for her.

I’ve had about 40 in a row.

I need cheering up too. And noone remembered my birthday. :cry:

Happy Birthday. BTW, Im in the office because my dickhead colleagues can’t add properly. :fume:

Can’t add or can’t be arsed? “Cha bu duo loh!”


How do you say that in Canto?

For me, I rgeret not knowing you better. I met you in the park.We shoped togther, but it;s just not the same. If I have to chose one moment that I regret on this forum, it is that I most regret that we became more than passing friends.
Now you are in a different world with a friend and we miss you here. Whn you come back, I hope we can have fun as a group and get to know everybody better.

the low valleys just serve to make the peaks higher and more satisfying.

Well, the glass is definitely half-full for you! :notworthy: Murakami wrote that after the age of 30, moments of happiness are like distant islands on the vast sea… I admire you if you can hold what you wrote in mind every day…

While shopping today I came across a weight scale. Thought, hey, I should see exactly how much of that English beer stuck with me. WTF?! I’m pushing 90 kg.

Ok, not a bad day… but a sign of bad things to come: smaller meals, less beer, time to break out the bike… boo!!!

i have lived long enough to know that the lows are always going to come. this does not depress me, it makes me more conscious of the good times and allows me to enjoy them more. right now i am in the midst of some very bad times with my mother just having been diagnosed with malignant breast cancer and my 19 year old nephew in jail on a charge of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. my husband is in the middle of being jerked around at work- and our candidate for union president just lost. we have a charge against his union with the national labor relations board and the equal employment opportunity commission. that enough of a little window for you? but at this moment my mood is good. it is a sunny day, nice and cool. i am on summer vacation and am about to research going to a nature center with my children. later we will go out for ice cream with my mom, and if we have time, to the library to get some books/dvds. in the midst of the bad we still have to live life and enjoy what we can- because life is moving too fast to let the bad times drag us down too much. this is what i have learned. ps just having read over this, i got a little teary eyed. but that will pass as i turn my mind to my plan for the day. and this is the way i live.

V my prayers go out to you. I lost a mother to breast cancer and it is the most painful life lesson I’ve had to date. PM if you ever need someone to rant or talk to you. I admire your stregthen to remember to enjoy a day or a moment in the mist of the storm. Because it’s the moments we spend with loved ones that truly count.

thanks for your prayers.

Jaboney is like 10 meters tall. So 90 kg is not heavy for him.

Strong woman. My hat is off to you. May you have peace.

Strong woman. My hat is off to you. May you have peace.[/quote]Let me echo the same.

Sometimes I feel selfish/guilty for choosing to appreciate just a good mood.

Things haven’t changed much with my mother. I think she’s up to ten times breaking her spine now due to bone softening caused by cortisone injections that are intended to help the constant pain in her joints from chronic arthritis. She’s only 58. She’s hooked up to a sixty foot hose connected to an oxygen machine and at night she has to wear a ventilator. (Some machine that forces her to breathe.) Thank God for her boyfriend insurance policy because all that and her meds run a bill of about 2000CND per month. She refused a lung transplant because the anti-rejection meds will weaken her bones even more and she would end up in a wheel chair by the time she could actually get out of bed from surgery. She had to choose to either breathe better and live in a wheel chair, or to deal with being attached to an oxygen machine while at least being able to walk around the house a little. She chose the latter knowing very well that her suffering will end sooner. In addition to that she’s become anemic because of some blood thinners they give her for her heart which causes her to bleed extensively from her nose and from her hemorrhoids. Life is fucking hell for her, and rare are the times I talk to her on the phone that she doesn’t breakdown into tears.

Then there’s my brother… Addicted to hero, coke, amph, crystal meth, glue, gasoline; whatever he can get his hands on. He’s 38 and he looks like the average unhealthy 55 year old. Talks shit all the time and still tries to suck my mother dry for cash. Thanks again for the mother’s boyfriend, she won’t give him much cash anymore as he will not let her do it. At least that’s what she tells me…

Junkey bro has a 5 years old son who is not doing well. Spinabifuda or whatever the condition is called. Might have to do with the fact that the mother was getting drunk a few times a week and getting high on coke while she was pregnant. The kid already has a pouch attached to a hole going through his abdomen as a way to pass his stools otherwise he would just shit himself 24/7. That’s unless he goes through a constipation phase from meds overdose and starts to puke his own excrements after about a week without eliminating. He was declared clinically dead in the op room at about 4 years old, but he was revived. How lucky…

And that, is a spec of sand compared to what some people are going through in this cruel world… I count my blessings but I’m not naive.

Me, well… I’m doing fine. Health(Thank God or anyone else responsible for that), decent paying job 10 thousand miles away from where I grew up, holidays in the sun once or twice a year, a few close friends and a great wife who I am sure deserves better than me. I count my blessing, really. Trying to live in the moment. It doesn’t always work that way, but when it does, it’s makes it all worthwhile.

Going scuba diving this weekend and hoping for nice weather. Life goes on.