Let's not talk about Hillary.

There’s this creepy scandal-plagued old white lady running for president of the US. All the big media are rooting for her so hard they can’t even pretend to be objective. (If she loses, they’re all going to look worse than Gawker.)

So what are ordinary people saying? In both Taiwan and in the US everybody’s talking about… Trump.

Does Bubbette even exist? She seems to have zero mindshare. She just never comes up in conversation. My Taipei friends couldn’t even remember her name.

There’s a conspiracy theory that her handlers are keeping Bubbette out of the spotlight to help her; the more people see her, the less they like what they see. Whereas with the Donald, some people hate him, but some people don’t. And the ones that don’t can be quite surprising. He’s winning over blacks now?

The Donald is entertaining. He’s fun to hate. It makes people feel superior. He may also be fun to love - I wouldn’t know. But even to think about the other one just gives everyone a headache. There’s nothing to love about her, and to think about how awful she is is just depressing. Making fun of her feels like making fun of Hitler.

(But then, I always did enjoy Hogan’s Heroes reruns.)

There used to lots of really lame excuse-making for her on these very boards, as well as for that has-been Il Douche. That all seems to be dying down, as if people are just getting tired of carrying water for her. The attacks on The Donald however are quite nasty and have a tinge of desperation - along with a fair amount of actual physical violence.

The Donald seems to thrive on all the hate directed towards him. He somehow turns it against the haters. But that creature he’s running against - even her supporters don’t want to talk about her.

It’s a charisma gap, is what it is.

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I think she was hoping she could let trump self implode and stay out of the media, turn up to the debates and coast through till the elections. But tanking polls seem to have forced her out of the shadows and she promptly had 2 coughing fits. One on a plane and the other one here.


Freud had theories about coughing fits. But the slanderers would have us think she’s ill in a physical sense.

Come to think of it, a lot of her symptoms and weird behavior can be explained by the theory that she’s got bats in the belfry.

While I’m not a huge fan of Trump, Hillary seems to be bought and paid for by Wall Street. As if they couldn’t make it any more obvious:

Goldman Sachs Forbids Partners from Donating to Trump, But Clinton’s Campaign OK

Most of the world calls this “bribery.” But in the USA, it’s just a “speaking fee.” And it looks like Chelsea is now keen to go into the family business:

If You Can’t Afford Hillary: Chelsea Clinton Paid $65K for 10-Minute Speech

The $65,000 price tag on her 10-minute speech was a huge bargain, compared to her mother’s fees that range between $370,000 and $800,000.

Nice work if you can get it.

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My prediction is that she’ll get over the line. I hope so, in a way, because maybe America needs Emperor Palpatine to wake people out of their slumber and finally have another revolution that they’ve needed for so long now.

I take it as given that lots of people here will be quite pleased with her going after the 2nd Amendment and opening the borders/importing an unbreakable coalition, but it’s going to be interesting to see them shill for everything else she will do, e.g. go after the 1st Amendment, bail out Wall Street when the next crisis occurs (likely in the next four years), bomb the crap out of several more countries and/or not only bring in the Cold War 2.0, but quite possibly a hot war, etc.

The cognitive dissonance is going to be fantastic. We’re in for a pretty fun four to eight years. If we can make it through relatively unscathed, hopefully, it will also mean the beginning of the end of American liberal imperialism being forced upon the rest of us as the country really begins to fall apart and has too many domestic issues and too many foreign enemies to continue to export its “values” abroad. Good riddance, I say.

So, there is something to be said for Hillary from an accelerationist point of view. Under Trump, the entire beast would limp along, trampling the rest of us beneath it, and all the suckers would think that it was somehow going to be okay as a result, as though it’s not a deep structural issue.

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In a couple of months, America will choose the form of the Destructor. Then we can contemplate whether it’s time to cross the particle streams. Or the Rubicon. Some kind of stream.

I gather Bubbette was recently overcome with patriotic emotion at the 9-11 memorial. Or maybe it was health problems. Whichever you find more plausible.

Some possible scenarios to consider. Has Tim Kaine been properly vetted? What do we know about this guy?


The force is not looking so strong with Emperor Palpatine.

If Bubbette malfs and can’t be rebooted, The Donald will be facing someone virtually unknown to the average voter. Perhaps the only opponent he could have defeated will be replaced.

If I were the DNC, I’d be rooting for her timely death.

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Have you two morphed together to become an end of days cult or somethings.

I’d join you but I’ve got a Zumba class on Thursday followed by hot yoga. Can’t miss them…

Rumor has it if she fails to power through then Bad Touch Biden is their plan B…

So much for feminism.

I don’t believe in any kind of apocalypse. I do believe in collapse, but it’s rarely all of a sudden, all at once. It’s usually a fairly protracted affair, a jagged decline even punctuated by brief reversals of fortune.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t remotely believe in the Whig view of history.

I prefer Kali Yuga classes to yoga classes. You literally can’t miss them.

It’s not been a good 72 hours for Clinton, first her calling half of all Trump supporters a basket of deplorables (kettle meet pot), then has another episode and gets bundled into her “scooby van” which looks more like an ambulance painted black head first.

Now her website is taking umbrage at a green cartoon frog called Pepe, claiming its the symbol of the white supremacists Alt-Right (which if I am following Clinton was founded by Vladimir Putin). Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer

Comment on reddit .

4chan is trolling the fuck out of her campaign, and they’re completely oblivious to it. This is hilarious.


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Oh, Pepe. All the racial healing. It’s not easy being green. And peeing with your pants down?

The wounded Hildebeest…

The public knows more about her than any of the others. That’s the whole problem. What’s needed is a pig in a poke, not a pig in a pants suit.

Live by politics, die by politics.

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Don’t you think she looks tired?

Hillary for a long nap…

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Best election ever.

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I’m amazed that they haven’t quietly removed that “article” from the site yet. The tone deafness of their campaign is truly deafening.


Clinton Foundation corruption all over the place, emails are a somethingburger after all, etc.


Wow, give her credit to go there. It’s all calculated and all, but not every politician would do this kind of interview… and not demand to take out the very last bit. :slight_smile:

Well, the Trump thread has veered off topic with whether the hero of Benghazi will start WW3. Here’s what I have to say on that:

She’s not going to start it actively. She’s going to maintain the conditions (they already exist because of that last clown) where any one of several nations is likely to start WW3.

She will “start” WW3 in the sense that Neville Chamberlain “started” WW2.

The Donald is the best bet to avoid that because he has a track record of being a tough negotiator. Bubbette does not negotiate. She conspires. That doesn’t work on the world stage.