LGBTI school lessons in Scotland

They are going to have some fun and games when they try to implement this.

Firstly, what is the content going to be? How will all the groups be represented fairly?

Secondly, who would want to teach it? It’s going to be the short straw in the staffroom. What does the teacher do if a child says something like “Homosexuality is a sin. They should all burn.”. Tell the child they are wrong? What if the child is also from a minority group, which is a very strong possibility? Is the teacher going to have to deal with, say, transphobic parents, or will it be the school’s responsibility?

You know what I never learned in school? How to pay taxes, budget finances, what’s a mortgage, how to write a resume, how to fix a flat tire, a bunch of other useful things that would help kids.


Thanks for whatabouting the thread, Andrew. :smile: I agree, in a general way, that schools should teach practical skills.

Now I’m going to whatabout the thread in a direction that’s actually relevant to the OP. What about other controversial topics, like racism for example? They didn’t talk about such things in your day, BD? :grandpa: Kids didn’t ask difficult questions back then?

i miss the duck-'n-cover days of school

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Not that I recall, no. I remember singing “The ink is black, the page is white” at primary school. I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day now.

We never had any lessons on racism. I lived in a small town that back then was probably 95% white. Maybe in cities they did.

Both of my elementary school principals were openly homosexual and we had gay pride parades every summer. This was back around the 2001 era. I was just a little kid, but I don’t remember anyone giving a shit or being offended by it. I feel like an elementary school gay pride parade wouldn’t go down as smooth in today’s political climate and I don’t really know why? Shouldn’t things be better 10+whatever years later?

Scotland will become the first country in the world to embed the teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights in the school curriculum, in what campaigners have described as a historic moment.

I’m pretty sure they thought this to us back when I was in elementary school. Sorry Scotland you got BTFO.

It’s one thing to say “hey jimmy, don’t call James a gook” by the teacher. Another to have a whole lesson about why it’s not ok to call people gooks. I don’t feel like thats necessary.


“Teachers” need to waste the day talking about something. The teachers union wouldn’t want to put any extra stress on these wonderful educators. Talking about why it’s not okay to call people “gooks” sounds like a good 3 month lesson. EZPZ

Sounds like A LOT of work. The teachers union wouldn’t go for that.

only 102 more days until my 70 day paid summer vacation

Which board is that? (Asking for a friend.)

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I don’t want to get “whacked” by the B.C teachers union. I have already said too much.

I-I’m only j-joking guys, teachers in B.C are hard working, nice people.

There’s also a difference between, hey it’s not ok to bully and discriminate gay people. To teaching ideology like you must find trans women attractive or you’re transphobic. I think we can all agree on the first, it’s a general rule for all people not just LGBTI people. But I don’t think kids should not be fed ideology to obey at school.


What about some person somewhere in the world who said that?”

Not that it has anything to do with this curriculum update in Scotland… unless you know something about the Scottish curriculum we don’t.

Oh my. Obedience is strictly forbidden! :no_no: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :ponder:

I suppose it’s “ideology to obey” if it’s something you don’t like, but just good manners if it’s something you do like. Right?


Other than fixing a flat tire, all the other ones are taught in schools (aka universities) if you choose the right modules.

LGBTQ+ education is necessary if you want homophobia to stop.


You get what you give Old man :joy: I think some happy music is in order

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New Radicals “You should kill all short people”. That’s what I heard and what you just played.

Oh no you are not short as well are you ? :hugs:

I’m convinced I’m getting shorter. These youngsters look bigger every year.

I used you exact words, save for one. Why do you believe that change was in any way substantial? People no more choose their sexuality than their ethnicity. Your inference that teachers should ignore discrimination against one target than the other does not stand up.

And please, don’t try the whole “I’m just asking questions” shit. Taiwan already had Ross Cline as a poster boy for that idiocy. We don’t need another.

There seems to be an awful lot of anger there ? I’m sure you can make your point without that … well I hope so

Where’s my popcorn?