Liberal Hit Squad?!?!?

Australian liberals…I love it! :laughing:

Young Libs’ terror hit squad


VICTORIA’s Young Liberals have called on the Howard Government to train hit squads to track down those behind the Bali bombing.

The “war on terror” motion was adopted with a two-thirds majority at a Young Liberal Movement meeting on Monday night.

“The YLM calls on the Australian Government to train undercover agents to kidnap or kill those responsible for the Bali bombing,” the resolution reads.

Supporters of the motion argued the disparity between the 20-year sentence for drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and the two-year sentence for radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakir Bashir justified kidnapping terrorist suspects overseas and bringing them to trial in Australia.

The motion was moved by YLM policy vice-president and Melbourne University Liberal Club member Alex Lew.

The resolution is not binding on the Liberal Party. [/quote] … 62,00.html

I’m surprised Little Johnny didn’t come up with that himself.

Maybe Latham gave him the advice in a taxi cab :laughing: