Liberia's gone, who's next?

What part of the world will the next country to cut ties with Taiwan in the next six months be from?

  • South America - Paraguay.
  • Central America - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, etc.
  • Africa - Burkina Faso, Malawi, Swaziland. etc.
  • The South Pacific - Solomon Islands, Palau, the Marshall Islands.
  • Europe - The Holy See.

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And will be Liberia be back before we know it?

All signs point to a DPP defeat in the next general election… so after that, would it matter who has relations with Taiwan and the current DPP gov’t?

I’m more interested in what the KMT will decide to do with the cross-straight situation (status quo, nomilize relations, more rhetoric, what?!?)… I think Taiwan has bigger problems to deal with than to figure out which third-world country it wants to give the next billion NT$ handout to…

I’m actually quite glad that I’m a foreigner in Taiwan and can laugh off the political life that revolves around here… i’d know i’d be damn pissed of this sh!t if it was happening back in my country…

With the pope apparently in his last days and the longtime ROC ambassador to the Vatican having recently stepped down, some in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are probably feeling a little nervous about the state of relations with Taiwan’s only European ally. But the Holy See is harder for China to bribe than the coup leader in some small country would be – at least these days.

Doubt the Vatican will switch teams… unless China is planning on allowing the true Catholic Church (not the Chinese version of it which does not really recognize the hierarchy in the Vatican) to enter the country.

I think Taiwan should go out of its way to cut relations with these nations first. Liberia was an embarrassment. The rest should be sent packing as well. I think the Vatican will be the last to go.

It made some sense for Taiwan to have relations with Liberia – so many Liberian-flagged vessels, lots of Taiwanese shipping companies, etc. However, I always felt a bit sorry for John Cummings, the ambassador here – he’d be at some cocktail event looking very normal, and yet you knew that his homeland was absolutely screwed up. I wondered if this place was like an oasis of sanity for him.

I feel the same way, but for all of the ambassadors here. Marshall Islands and drunk driving, anyone?

Yeah, I felt bad for Mr. Cummings too. You know he headed up the diplomatic corps accredited to the ROC when the ambassador from Costa Rica (or was it Panama?) was on vacation… which meant he had to speak at all sorts of functions and cocktail parties while his country was in turmoil. I know that several of the organizations were not too sure about having him speak at tea parties while war was raging in his home country…

They’ll all be gone within six months, right after the Chen-Soong gong show wins the election and then sticks the collective foot in the collective mouth by saying that Taiwan will become part of China within their mandate … watch the greedy rats run from a sinking ship the day after that happens!

Does it matter?

None of Taiwan’s allies carry any weight anyway.

I have said this as well, but the counter-reasoning goes that such democratic countries as the US maintained diplomatic relations with Liberia, and if it was good enough for the US, it was good enough for us (and we can’t be choosy :wink: )

Slightly off the subject, but I have always found it interesting that when something is raised about Taiwan’s (ROC’s) inclusion in an international organization, such as the WHO, only a handful of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies actually sign any such letter or declaration.
I’d be looking at these holdouts and saying, “If you are not going to support us to join these organizations by signing alongside Burkina Faso, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

Taiwan should check out the names list for the U.S. “coalition of the willing” to find a bunch of useless Pacific island dots to make new relations with. Perhaps they could find that family living in the middle of the English Channel on that WWII antiaircraft gun platform. “Sealand” was the name, I think.

Sweet Jesus, you can’t even keep your anti-American statements confined to threads where they at least have some relevance.

But, yeah, what a disappointment for Taiwan if it has to limit itself to diplomatic relations with countries that were a part of the “coalition of the willing.” You know, Japan, Australia, Great Britain, Poland, Denmark.

Taiwan’s biggest ally is US. The current assembly of “allies” is a an expensive joke and should be dumped, as they’ll never be able to help Taiwan if the day comes, where help is needed.

No way, Mr. He. Taiwan needs some allies in Central America so Chen and Lu have an excuse for stopping over in the U.S., he he.

Cold Front – there already is significant cross-over between Taiwan’s Pacific island dots and the “coalition of the willing”. It’s not anti-American to bust on Taiwan’s poor pool of allies. Considering that Taiwan kept up relations with South Africa during its international-pariah apartheid period, I don’t think Taiwan is all that choosy.

Sealand as an ally is a great idea. They could build a floating air strip and end all of those pesky political problems of finding Chen a place to land in Europe.

So did most countries. :unamused: … ca125.html