Lies (conflict avoidance) of my Taiwanese GF

I stopped at she laughed. I’m sorry but she is cheating or about to. Get a refund for your ticket and whatever else before it’s past the time of refund.

  1. Read a book about being assertive.
  2. Break up with the girl.
  3. Move on with your life.

‘Just friends’
Should have walked out there and then.

Do a bombing run
Get close
Drop your load
Get out

It seems to me it men who try avoid (hide) things out of shame sometimes or other reasons and at women my age is the asking.

I’ve read that three times now but I still don’t get what you’re trying to say :thinking:


Glad to hear I am not the only one. :grin:



Myself, and women my age believe that it are men who are more prone to lies and conflict avoidance in a relationship due to trying to hide things out of shame or other reasons.

<How’s that?>

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