Life at the Movie Theaters/Theatres in Taiwan

I’m frustrated that huge theaters like Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Xinyi don’t display information anywhere about language or subtitles for movies. You don’t know the language (Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese, etc.) or the subtitles language (Chinese, English) until you get to ticket seller and ask. And sometimes they don’t know.

SPOT and smaller theaters that show international films display subtitles “C” or “C/E”.

Maybe something like France.
VO - Version Original
VF - Version French dubbed
VOSTF - Version Original Subtitled French

I want to go see more Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese movies but I never know if they have English subtitles.

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Indeed. I love Korean movies, and most of the tiem I must wait until they come out on DVD to enjoy. Or… well, other means.

I also used to see a lot of local productions. Seems nowadays they do not bother to add subtitles in English, not on DVD or any version. Then they wonder why they do not have international exposure.

China Post used to write whether the films had captions in English…back when they were printed.

When we show movies in Spanish here, say, a film festival, they come with subtitles in English and Chinese.

Same. Half the time recently, ticket sellers had no idea what language they were in.

Also, for DVDs, they often don’t even bother adding English subtitles. I mean, how much trouble could that be? Oops, @Icon already mentioned that.

What I heard is that 1. they have to pay extra for that, no thanks
2. they actually signed a deal not to do so, as the production of DVDs here is quite cheap and would be too competitive.

In the good old days I bet they did the stuff without a license.

I have a unique set of Candy Candy in several languages, including Spanish dubbing, which now sells like its weight in gold as it simply cannot be found…

It’s easy enough to get the subtitles for just about anything online these days, so it’s not really a big problem anymore.

I just want it legal so some of my $$$ will get to the artists who made it, just to show my appreciation, you know.

It’s not like the people who created the subtitles are getting royalties.

Well, I do hope they got paid by the film company at least!

I do a lot of subtitle work and it is painful and unappreciated. I think that by paying for a legally translated copy I must get a higher quality item and show my support to a colleague.

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