Life on the Buses 2019

You’ll be very busy in this part of the world…


Winner :smile:

SSL ©️ Look for the new school opening

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i never said that though. i was just illustrating that there are better ways to do a bus. not sure why you have so much stake in taiwans bus design, but hey, i will let it go. feelings have obviously been hurt. and i don’t want the mods to split the thread into some new discussion about sarcasm or how to drive a bus from london to taipei.


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and now you pop up trying to get the thread split into a discussion about mounties or what? man alive! give me a freaking break! keep it on topic please.

I don’t like you route the topic is taking, maybe I’ll wait for the next one :wink:

Rather than make a new thread figured I’d just drop this in here,

I am doing a survey about Taichung Public Transportation

Yeah, I know this is a couple months later, but someone out there does have a picture of me sitting on top of a slightly less crowded jeepney in the Philippines, about twenty years back. I have no idea who they were - they were in a rental car that passed us. I would dearly love to have a copy of that photo.

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Anyone needing a convenient way to have fun in Keelung? New line launched going from Yuanshan, Zhongxiao Fuxing; Dunhua and Nanjing Sanmin to Badouzih Park with stops at, but not limited to Badouzih Main Station, Keelung Night Market, Keelung Cruise Port Station, NTOU and Zhengbin Port(Heping Island Park).

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This has to be the stupidest thing ever. Taipei Bus Station cut the power of the charging station from 00.00-6.00. I was relying on that.


They just don’t want someone charging their electrical scooter there!

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Bus drivers wearing Santa Claus red hats :sweat_smile:


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Just get a power brick…

Or were you using it for a laptop?

I have one. But wasn’t going to be home and taking the night bus to Kaohsiung all weekend. Wanted to save my power bank for when actually arriving.

Website and Bus Tracking API seem to be down.

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Friggin thing has been failing. Had me standing one hour for the bus to Xizhi and almost missed 1green as it kept saying it was at depot…when it was right on me.

App looks half OK, half stuck I’m Depart.

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