Life on the MRT 2018


Why didn’t they realize people were going to ask all these why did/didn’t questions?

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But by taking the Orange line to Sanchong, you are adding 6 more stops as opposed to going to Taipei Main. That’s another 15-20 minutes.

Also IIRC, not sure about other airlines yet, but at least China airlines will let you check your luggage at the Taipei Main Station.


Because sometimes the longer way is the easier way, if they had done their homework it would be like that.


Yes good question. Why is there no street level access on Qingcheng Street to the green line? Its truly bizarre. You either have to go up and then go down or go round the corner and walk (walk!) down stairs.


Technically they are two different stations and all lines do not connect at both so it’s walking between stations especially since the moving sidewalk doesn’t work at times.


Agree. The first time we used the Airport MRT (coming from airport to the city) we had a very long walk to transfer to the Taipei MRT at the Main Station, at the end of of which we had a hard time finding an elevator/escalator to go down to the MRT - this can be a hassle with luggage.

I transferred at Beimen on the next trip to the airport - easy peasy and much quicker.


It’s not just those two stations. There are a lot more and they are all terrible.


They joined up the last piece of the Danhai light rail last month. I guess this means the end of a heavy construction phase.

Of course there is still a lot of work to go… track, signaling, electronics, stations, finishes, and so forth before testing can begin. But it will be really cool to ride this line because it is all above ground and mostly elevated.


The Express Line never intended to be commuting cars (capacity much less with priority for baggage carrying through/from the airport), hence it won’t stop at suburban centers such as Sanchong, Taishan, Hsinjuang or Linkou.
The Commuter Line did intended for these suburban commuters.
The only flaw that I could think is that the frequency of the train.

I believe, it will go to Zhongli eventually.

Now you acting like a colonial Dutchman asking for land to a local king/tribal chief.


I believed the airport line was going to finish on time too…


They’ve been working on the Zhongli MRT for quite some time now. I’m sure it will connect with that Huan Bei Station…eventually.


Instead of connecting one stop further they should’ve connected at Sanchong, makes more sense connecting on a cross.


I’m not a ‘Dutchman’.


i think the usefulness of the airport mrt line depends on where you are starting out, and if you can be bothered with the 10 or so minute walk to the actual station. for me it would be like a 30 minute trek to get to the station, and i don’t even live that far. if i have luggage with me then no chance.

im sure its pretty great for tourists though.


For many people the HSR doesn’t make sense as they can drive at least to Taizhong faster by car than first going to a HSR station.

Dito for the Airport line.


I think it’s awesome for tourists. Despite our buses being pretty awesome with announcing stations and having the marquee at the front of the bus, they sometimes can be a bit scary if you’re new to the place.


My first post! I have being living in Taiwan for just under 1 year and I can honestly say I’m not a big fan of the MRT in Taiwan, especially when transferring between MRT lines. They could learn a thing of two from Hong Kong. The system is really integrated and transfers are fast and there is less meaningless walking between line transfers and exiting stations. (e.g Brown line transfer to Green/Red line, Taoyuan MRT to Taiepei main station, Songshan station MRT to TRA)


I got direct link to Beimen, connecting to the airport line. Unfortunately, most flights I take are too early in the morning…or I carry 3 suitcases and 6 shopping bags.


thats because of how its designed. somebody posted a while ago that stations that meet on a cross will have a long transfer (taipei main station), while stations that align on a curve can be right next to each other. (ximen)

so theres not a whole lot that can be done, but i do wish they would get super fast escalators like in hong kong. people would say its dangerous, but only because taiwanese don’t pay any fucking attention to anything other than their phone screen.