Life on the MRT


The buses look like glorified karaoke cars, they are handy to some but wind around Taipei a bit.


I normally take Kuo Guang bus drivers are normally very good drivers. Also nice that their buses now have USB chargers.


i live right next to a bus station, literally a couple minutes walk. overall, with going to taipei main station on the mrt it might even take longer for me in total to get the airport mrt.

no stress about traffic is obviously a good benefit. any info on whether these trains will run through the night also?


There are several companies that have routes from Taipei to the airport.

The one I usually use is the Guoguang airport bus that runs every 20 minutes from Songshan Airport. The ride takes 40 minutes and costs NT$125.


My coworkers just said you can check in (including your luggage) at the Taipei Main Station when taking the airport MRT. Another nice advantage.


i’ve heard it too. but i am skeptical of that being legit, it sounds too good to be true. does that exist anywhere else? wouldn’t that require a lot of space and lots of airline desks ect?


Exists in Hong Kong. You can check into most airlines at the Central MTR station. Exists in Taiwan as well, at Taoyuan HSR station. The new airline MRT station is huge, so cant imagine it being a problem to check in there.


sounds likely then. is it a proper check in where they give you a boarding pass and everything?


100%, they have a check in counter for the different airlines and then give you your boarding pass. I daresay its how most business travelers travel


that is ace… providing the ques arn’t mental this could make travelling a whole lot easier for me. getting to the airport and checking in is the part that stressed me out the most.


Well I’ve seen that in Vienna, but it’s only limited to like a couple of airlines though.

I don’t think it’d work in (messier) cities with notorious, unsafe, dirty stations like Paris or Brussels, but Taipei…I guess we’ll see.


This is a little off topic, but some major airlines have on site kiosk check-ins at Taoyuan.

I flew to the states two weeks ago via EVA and the employee at the front of the queue for check-in told me, if I had a US passport, I could self check-in.

I did as he suggested. Kiosk check-in took me 2 minutes and I got on the line (in which I waited zero seconds in) for bag drop-off and was another 2-4 minutes at the counter. The employee checked my luggage weights and double checked that the luggage had no connecting flights. Done and done.


I agree, checking in & security line stress me out since it’s so unpredictable. But overall, getting through Taoyuan is a breeze compared to other airports.


i’ve tried that, i think it varies depending on the airport. it has worked for me before but one time i tried it didn’t work, i had to visit several desks and one guy basically told me my flight was cancelled and gave up on me. luckily the next person i saw at a desk wasn’t a retard so i got through just fine but its put me off.

i’ve tried checking in online and printing off a boarding pass too. that worked until i got to the gate, then i basically had to check in there. i find humans are the most reliable option. i don’t travel well anyway.


I’ve used the in-town check-in in Hong Kong, and it’s wonderful. You don’t have to worry about your bags after that, and once at the airport you can go straight to security. The system spreads out check-in process, shortening lines at the airport too.


For people who land in Taoyuan but have to go back to Taipei Main to take the HSR this system would be convenient. Depends on your destination.


When is this MRT line operational again? I have a flight very soon…


Anytime between January and maybe never.


Oh, I see. It’s a New Year’s resolution then.


Just don’t ask which year…