Life on the MRT


Ok, I’ll give you this one.

But if you see another instance of…

in Taiwan, in this lifetime, I’ll have to question this veracity of yours.



Have you ever been on the MRT?
The sisters are always scooching and cuddling.
Just these guys this morning were going all out.

To be fair, I think the little butchy girls (I can never keep the whole P/T deal straight) overestimate the masculinity of their presentation and assume everyone will think the couple are a dude and a girl.

Actually, considering:

  1. How little and hairless a lot of guys here are
    B. How nonexistent most locals’ gaydar is
    III. How totally fucking phone-zombied everyone on the MRT is anyways

I probably AM the only one who notices.
Which is OK by me.


Of course there is the possibility that one of your “lesbians” was just an extremely metrosexual specimen of Homo taiwanicus. I often find myself doing a double take when a sexy chick I’m scoping out from behind turns out to be a dude…well, “dude” may be too strong a word for the type of effete creature I’m talking about. It doesn’t help that they like to dress themselves in various shades of pink and purple.


Yeah, they were both girls.


How can you be sure? It could just be confirmation bias. You really wanted to see hot girl-on-girl action, so your hyperactive subconscious magically lesbianated the girl’s Korean drama-loving boyfriend into her girlfriend. Of course, your version is hotter…


Yeah, they were both girls.


The Rocket is right–the MRT system is same-sex central. Forumosans who are unaware of this clearly are not riding the rails. As Taiwanese would say, some of these couples are so shiny you need sunglasses! :slight_smile:



I didn’t mention how totally frigging adorable they were.


You should’ve captured the moment to share with us. Nothing like a little “soft p” to make a day at the office go faster. Don’t you have a camera on your phone?


I reckon you’re old enough to support your own bad habits.

Anyways, they weren’t Porno Lesbanians, they were Real Lesbanians.


He’s a talking raccoon, of course he’s got a camera on his phone.


What’s a “phone”?


Yeah, I know. You guys communicate with your cute little screeches, hissing and chittering. But you’d look even cuter with a cell phone in your tiny little hands.



That’s a lot of recoil for a tiny critter with tiny hands, but I guess the laws of physics don’t apply in CGI land.:slight_smile:


Fares on the new line should be higher than that of buses, usually about NT$125, but cheaper than taking a high-speed train to Taoyuan, which is also NT$160, but does not include a NT$30 shuttle bus between the airport and Taoyuan’s high-speed rail station.

Rides between Taipei Main Station and Linkou Station cost NT$100, NT$57 more than taking a bus and NT$50 more than the price for a ride between Taipei Main Station and New Taipei City’s Tamsui District (淡水), a similar distance, Wang said.

But when you take the red line to Tamsui you can’t choose between local and express trains, whereas there will be an express station in Linkou.


why should the fairs be higher than buses? don’t they wan’t people to use this over the buses? i will try this out for sure, but if it turns out to be less convenient than the bus i’m going to be sticking with the cheaper bus option.


Well if it goes straight into the airport I don’t think it could be less convenient than the bus.


What you would presumably get with the train is time certainty–no traffic jams. What you get with the buses is (at least for some people) close to door-to-door service.

Given the shenanigans so far (including an inability to attain 35 minute travel time from Taipei to TPE), I hope the Airport line can live up to its presumed strengths.



It’s been a long time since I took the airport bus to Taipei. I forgot, but do those buses run often? Last time I took it, I remember the bus driver was driving like he was in a bmw.