Like Eel? Not Kosher but at the Last Supper

“we are looking at, in fact, sections of grilled eel garnished with orange slices” popular in Italy at the time.

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At the risk of @tango42’s topic receiving 0 replies, I will reply to say, actually I don’t like eel.




Eel sushi is great! However, the better eel I’ve had is ironically full of semi-soft micro bones, which are not so good.

Can make up to 1 million NTD a day catching baby eel.

Tiny eel bonanza!

In the right circumstance, this looks delicious.

You just might have to wait a while for that circumstance…


Eel is one of those weird foods you kinda don’t want to like as a kid because they basically look like water snakes… but they taste so damn good. Especially when they’re prepared like this in Japan. :drooling_face:


IME only the Japanese can make eel delicious. Jellied eels, paling - revolting.

Does anyone have experience of delicious eel outside of Japan?

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I had some barbecued eel in Korea, which was okay. But yeah, Japanese do them best. I’d try the jellied eel out of curiosity, but can’t say it looks very appetizing.


Paling in t’ groen was what I meant. One of the top 10 unpleasant dishes I’ve ever eaten.

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Jellied eels are awful. Cold, bony eels in an aspic like jelly.

Well, it’s a Medieval English dish, right? Like boiled lampreys… not a lot of great cuisines came out of Medieval England…

A bit later than that. Around the same time Brits invented creme brulee.

Creme brulee is good


One of our kings died after ODing on lampreys. At least, that’s the story.

Ah, I get what you’re hinting at. I do like creme brûlée and many other foods from the UK. I’m a sucker for a good English breakfast fry-up. Their food used to have a certain rep though, which Finland seems to have taken over in recent decades.

Henry the VIIIth, I believe.

Henry I.

Whoops. I guess hedonistic over-indulgences of another type did that Henry in.