Limit on carry on laptops?

Just wondering if anyone has ever carried 3 laptops back to taiwan. I’ve carried 2 with no problems at all, but am worried that it will look suspicious to bring back 3. Want to get one for myself and 2 for friends.

Shouldnt be a problem. TW customs is pretty reasonable.

If they bother checking you at all, that is.

I have entered Taiwan more times than I care to remember, and I have only been checked once - the first time, and that was rather farcial, IE they had regulations regarding medication and also regarding short wave receivers back then, I had too much of both. I pointed that out to the customs officer, his response was to start packing my stuff back into the suitcase even as I was unpacking.

They have ignored me every time since.

Its all in how you look, walk, talk. They monitor everyone as they approach and if you look GUILTY…they check you. So dont even remember you have 3 putes on ya.

But in reality its not possible for them to care less if you have one notebook or two or three notebooks on ya !! 3 guns? They will care.

My brother and his wife got questioned at customs as to why they each had a laptop, plus small internet capable device (iTouch/PDA), plus internet capable phone on them. Their response, “We’re computer people,” was accepted and there were no further questions. It’s quite possible they were using them whilst waiting in line and that’s what aroused the attention of the customs officers in the first place.

I have looked guilty on several times, as I do smuggle salamis in at times.

Where do you stick your salami?

Right, well, if you’d seen the amount of stuff some people bring with them here for Computex… Just don’t worry about it, as long as it’s not in boxes and stuff, as then you might be charged customs IF they even bother looking in your bags. I have never been checked by customs anywhere that I can remember, especially not here.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Perhaps he wraps it in alfoil and keeps it in his pants.

On that note… long as he dont walk funny he will make it thru I reckon? >…

The salamies for eating - in the suitcase.

That other one… None of your business.