Limited access to Forumosa

Hey, I’m at my morning gig and while the computers here let me log in as Maoman, they’re not recognizing my authority! I can’t do any moderator or admin functions! Every time I go to the admin control panel, it takes me right back to the main index. When I try to move a thread or split/merge something it gives me an error warning. Any suggestions?

Impotent in Taipei :frowning:


i was thinking maybe cookies or other security settings. The phpbb boards could help a lot. Threads like this could give you a clue

Still logged in at home? Might that somehow affect it?

You could try rerouting your internet access from where you are over a proxy server outside Taiwan. Just to check if the network at your “morning gig” might be suffering from some form of censorship. JAP : is a good software, that I sometimes use to get through a firewall/proxy that is a little too tight for my taste.