Lin Chi-ling weds J-pop's Akira

Not my type, but big news in local entertainment.

In the late noughties, she was one of the highest-paid and most in-demand faces in the Greater China region.


Though her acting is atrocious, no one deserves such a demeaning headline. The woman is worth millions and is still working high paid jobs. But nothing she does is worth unless she’s got a ring, yeah. Sigh.


Yeah and saying that makes you a feminazi.

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I was being sarcastic in case you didn’t notice.

The men’s rightists here would call you that unironically though.

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That’s a bit presumptive. Wouldn’t it be fairer to wait for one of the “men’s rightists” to make that label first?

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Oh joy! This could be the greatest musical dynastic merger since Michael Jackson wed Lisa Marie Presley.

Why would the term “spoiled cake” be edited out of this thread?

Why would you use it?

If that Akira guy isn’t as gay as a daffodil, I’ll swallow my cowbell whole.


Only you would turn happy news to this lol


Hmmm…I’m not really seeing it, at least not in this photo.

look at those eye brows

All I can say is, “Your gaydar is busted.” :grin:

I’d call him a beard, but I don’t think he can even grow one.


A lot of men shape their brows, though. Straight, gay, bi, etc. Especially celebrities/models and the like. It just looks like the work of a personal stylist to me.

Good news ! Gives single older people hope .

She looks incredible for 44.

Oh. Now I understand what the thread is about. I kept scrolling past and idly wondering who J is, what an Akira is, and how it is popped.

Sigh. I’ve seen so many misused dashes and apostrophes that now I can’t even parse them when they’re used correctly.

You’ve never heard Japanese pop referred to as J-pop before? K-pop for Korean pop (which is having a moment right now worldwide)? Mandopop?

Honestly, it’s not much of a loss.

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