Line 6 Variax modeling guitar

Hi, I was wondering whether there are any musicians out there who have had experience with a Line 6 Variax? I’m thinking about getting one, but haven’t yet had a chance to play & hear one for myself. I’m just intrigued with the new tone-generation technology and the potential possibilities it seems to open up. Any experience at all, seen any in shops in Taipei or elsewhere on the island? TTFN

It looks good but…

I like to have different guitars, they just feel different. I have used effects processors to do the same thing but the feel just isn’t there. If I want an accoustic sound I need the feel of an accoustic in my hands. Any guitar enthusiast understands that.

That being said I would like one of these guitars myself, especially if I am travelling. I used to travel as a guitarist and bass player and I really didn’t like lugging all that gear around. There must be a better way and it seems that now there is.

So, go for it, if you can get one here.

I am still looking for a perfect Warwick bass or a Musicman here in Taiwan.

Yeah, they’re great if you’re in a cover band, but other than that? There’s a whole hell of a lot of guitar-related stuff I’d rather spend US$1300 on. My brother in law got one for road work and says it sounds passable at best.

Just buy a decent electric guitar and buy a line 6 pod. I had one in Canada and it was awesome. In Taiwan I use a Epiphone Les Paul Custom (7000Nt) and a Zoom 505II and it sounds good. However you never told us what sound you are looking for. There are a lot of cool guitar things to buy here in Taiwan. Keep looking

Thanks everybody, I guess you’re right, the ideal would be to have a nice collection of vintage or simply desirable guitars, but not everybody has the necessary dosh to become a collector … I don’t think I’d throw all my guitars out just because I had a new tool that can mimic them all. I’m working with a zoom 707 right now, but am not so impressed. Maybe I should try a pod … thanks! Xpet

You know a modeling guitar is a really bad idea because it’s not always about the sounds you get out of it but the feel of the guitar. I play differently on a fender guitar than I do on a gibson guitar. Besides if you are playing in a band situation nobody in the audience is going to say “hmmmm that sounds like a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop guitar”. Now if you live in Taipei city you should come jam with me. we need an extra guitar player.


Grasshopper, thanks for the invite, I’d love to! Unfortunately I don’t live in Taipei (which is why I have no idea what the music shops up there have in stock …) but in Hsinchu. Admittedly, that’s not too great a distance, but long working hours, kids & wife etc. have successfully prevented me from venturing north in a long time … I also lack a decent electric guitar at the moment, which is why I’m on the look-out. TTFN, Xpet

Does anyone know of someone interested in an ESP custom explorer? C/W Floyd,hardcase and effects board with 6 pedals. There were only 200 ever made and I don’t think there are any in Taiwan.

My email is if interested.

Serial # 21937 Great Condition! Have a look:



reasons why i WOULD buy the NEW version of the line 6 guitar:

1. it's hard to get a good acoustic sound, and this one's not too bad
 2. don't have to carry an extra acoustic

reasons why i WOULDNT:

the jazz box sound still doesn’t sound like what they say it does. maybe thicker strings would help, but that might mess up the tele sound.
ran the man


Does your Tele have single coils or is it a humbucker equipped one? If its the former, then throw on some jazz flat wound strings… very tasty, and awesome with open tunings

Don’t laugh, but the best overdrive sound that I ever had was from a Charvelle Charvette. It was a cheap guitar and I have never found the same model with the same sound as the one I had. Damn it, it’s gone. I had guys with custom fenders and real expensive Ibanez guitars all loving the sound that guitar had.

My point is this, it doesn’t take an expensive guitar to get an awesome sound, although your chances of getting good quality get better the more money you spend. Me, I love the Eric Clapton Fender, but when I play it it sounds like crap. The neck is a little fat for my hands.

For bass, Warwick does the trick. Although I do make a music man groove.

Best accoustic was a Takamine and a very rare Fender that I had.

The most crap guitar I had was a Vester - it was pink and sounded like shite.

I had an Axiom - avoid them too. It’s like playing a frickin’ log with strings.

Amp - Marshall is the way to go. Bass - I like Trace Elliot.