Using LINE app, how do I update my cell number using the Taiwan sim card?

Perhaps smarter folks can chime in. but everytime I even a phone with same number my whole history gets erased. backup everything before messing around. Strangely this doesnt happen on my wife’s phone. and she does the same thing on my phone so it remains.s a mystery to me. Been like this for many years, every time.

So bad I suggest screenshots and saving them on a computer if it is anything ultra important.

Settings - Account - Phone Number - Change Phone Number

and write +886 TW and the phone number, isn´t?

Yes, with no 0 before the 9 I think

No, doesn´t work neither

Maybe try on the PC app?
Or this…

No go there.

done. I had to reinstall the app

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Try reinstalling the APP.


Yes, that works. Thanks