Lingerie and stockings

Most of the lingerie shops in Taipei look to me to be for 12 years old. Very standard underwears and thick bras. Don’t take it bad, it’s just personal preferences.

I am looking for a nice lingerie store. Something like Victoria’s secrets where there are g strings, stockings, transparent bras.

I like classic style so nothing crazy or cheeky but sexy and elegant. Something to wear also in everyday life, durable, not sexy shop clothes that you can use only for one night because of low quality.

Thanks in advance.
P.S. It’s for my girlfriend not me. I will go with her or told her your advices. No pictures afterwards.


High end department stores do have a floor just for lingerie. I’d go to the Xinyi ones, browse around.

Haven’t seen the Victoria secret style stores. And yes, the lingerie stores here are colorful, bit different vibe.

I understand you got me. They are colorful but different vibe :slight_smile:

In which high end department store have you seen those nice products I’m looking for? I went to Bellavita where they have perla brand but the price for one set is more than 20000ntd. So a bit pricey.
Any specific place?

It’s been several years since I’ve been, but I remember two near Zhongxiao-Dunhua MRT. Chantelle is on lane 151 going south from Zhongxiao in a weird little detached round building on the left. Should still be in business.

The other was a stockings shop on a lane going north from Zhongxiao. However, I think it was gone the last time I looked for it. If you can dig through the thread on Amore Pizza to find its old address when it moved there, it was on the lane leading to it. Nothing fancy, just a very large selection of pantyhose and stockings. Worth taking a quick look for as long as you’re in the area for Chantelle.


Victoria’s Secret has gone down the toilet anyway.


A11or A7 Mitsukoshi. Maybe the mall on top of the Taipei City Hall station.

I know of a stocking place down Chang An, unbeatable in selection, but not very high end. They also sell, eh, “costumes”. If interested I’ll try to dig up the address.

Down in Wanglong by the MRT station they have a “sexy” lingerie store, not as classy but not trashy. You could have a look, different strokes ya know.

Go on…

I’d suggest Shopee, but you don’t get to see them first (except pictures).

I understand but I think ordering clothes online is not a super good idea for me. At that point I can order from Victorias secrets website directly. They ship to Taiwan too.

What about a phisical store?

Could you please tell me the name, even in Chinese of the store in Wanlong? I used to go there often and I know the area well but I have never seen it

I go to Easyshop when I’m feeling sexy, but don’t want to spend too much money.

No. 120號, Guangming Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11246
+886 916 695 989

P.s. I’ll definitely need to see some after pics. Just PM them to me.

Shop online or go to a department store. They’ve got stuff like passionata and peach John. You want go for 法式 or 薄襯 or 無襯. Also online shopping would work.

People here don’t like nipples showing so the bras usually have thick pads, especially for smaller cups, for obvious reasons. If your lady is wearing bigger cups, the pads are usually removable while the smaller ones are sewn in.

Those are the candy colored ones that may not exactly meet the expectations of sexiness…

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I haven’t paid attention to the name. I think it is this one:

Just a stone’s throw away from exit 4.

For all kinds of occasions, needs and tastes…

This place has everything you need.

OMG a strapless for a D cup! Thank you, very useful.

Have you seen a sexy Scooby-Doo costume in an XM?

Ok…ok…when I’m feeling REALLY SEXY and money isn’t a concern, I go to L’adoore in beautiful and trendy downtown Sanchong. I’ve seen @jimipresley shopping here on occasion.

241新北市三重區重新路四段87號 6樓

241, New Taipei City, Sanchong District, Section 4, Chongxin Road, No. 87 6th floor



XM? Is that petite?