Linking/action verbs

There was a sentence in some materials that was giving me some fits for some reason. :blush:

The surfaces of the columns are decorated with low relief carvings, and despite the passage of time, which has erased some of the rich coloring, many of the columns still retain their bright shades.

The italicized verbs are ?

The first is a transitive verb used in the passive voice, simple present verb tense. The second is a transitive verb in the present perfect, and the last is a plain old transitive verb in the plain old simple present. No linking verbs there.

would we not say that “are” in the first case and “has” in the second are linking verbs?

Nope. Somebody decorated the columns and now they are decorated. It’s passive use of the same verb.

In the second “which” is a relative pronoun in subject position with “has erased” as it’s verb in the present perfect verb tense (or present tense, perfective aspect if you wanna get all technical about it hick* but nobody ever does eh?"

Thanks bob, that clarifies it. I also found the materials associated with that exercise. I missed it during class as I was going through the exercise :blush:.

[quote]I knew a couple who likes baby names that are active verbs. They named their daughter Meander, she is called Mea for short. If it would have been a boy they liked the name Run. Another choice for a girl was Harmony.

OK. Number 1: Meander and Run aren’t active verbs until they’re placed with an object, as in “I meander in delirium thinking ‘Run’ is a good name.” Number 2: I dare…I double dog dare these people to name a girl the verb form of Harmony, Harmonize. I fuckin’ dare them! Then have a boy and name him Simonize. Number 3: While I’m at it, I dare them to save everyone the trouble and name Run “The Shits” instead. [/quote]

Somehow this fits on this thread. Quote taken from here: