Links with zero input

I appreciate that this is already a guideline. However, could we be a bit stricter regarding posters posting links without any input, or perhaps one word?

It’s a tad irritating when I’m interested to know what the poster’s opinion is. As of now I just have to guess. Man up and say what you believe or STFU.


I may have been guilty of this practice sometimes. Taiwanese shit driving talks by itself.

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It looks like it’s been sorted out.


I wish there could be a rule against multi-posting in a thread. Like, you have to wait until someone else posts before you could post again? I guess then that would be asking for a sock puppet show…

I’m a little bit drunk and not entirely sure what you mean. Just ignore me tonight.

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Lol no prob.

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You shouldn’t be able to do this!

See? I keep blabbing without anyone saying anything. Essentially shitting all over the thread. Last one, promise.

How can I shit on my own thread?

I do it sometimes, but in some threads the news speaks for itself. You’re welcome to call them on it, or ask.

If we try to enforce too much it’s just gonna be “interesting” for every link

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Lol, yup

Lol, yup

Really though. Isn’t there a rule


What say you? One word response only.

About posting multiple times

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot What say you?

One word response only.

Hahahaha wow sabotaged!

Hopefully a sentence. I’d go with a clause

You could just ask. Or would that be too presumptuous?

Would I get an answer. Or would that be too presumptuous?

OK, fuck it. In the name of free speech carry on regardless.

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