Liquid Smoke

Ok, I just had to post this for those of you who cook. I just got in some Mesquite Liquid Smoke. I’ve been looking for this stuff for years and not found it. Found stuff that’s come close but if you want to do some oven BBQ or marinade your meat then this is the stuff. Take a look at the site to see.


My husband is going to make his famous chili for our “let’s pretend it’s christmas” party on Saturday. But while he was in Japan, I somehow threw away the liquid smoke that he brought over from the states on a cupboard clearing purge. He is so sad. His chili won’t be the same.

Is there any place where I can find liquid smoke anywhere in Taipei? Or fashion some sort of replacement?

Before Saturday’s a bit difficult for me, but I think I just might have a bottle somewhere. I’ll have a look when I get home tonight and let you know tomorrow. Can’t promise though – I can’t stand the stuff and it might also have been purged. Tell him to try using chipotle sauce instead. I’m pretty sure I have some of that.

Ooh, this one’s a toughie. Wellman’s doesn’t have it AFAIK. Proto_tw had some in his eStore, and he might have some in his leftovers. I’ve PM’d him, as I’d like to pick up a bottle too. I’ll let you know, or you can contact him too.

The Box Store (Steves) in Ktown had it a few years ago. Maybe some of our southern friends can help.

Jason’s now has Wright’s all natural hickory seasoning liquid smoke, concentrated.

Pretty common in Koahsiung. Most of the distributers that supply restaurants carry it.

Thanks for the heads up DB. I picked up a bottle at Jasons yesterday. I’ve been making the same bbq sauce for the past few months and believe it’s pretty damned good. But I was missing liquid smoke, as called for in the recipe, so I’m really looking forward to mixing up my next batch with that.

What about Worchestire sauce – any idea where I can get that?

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found some good recipes in men’s health magazine but one of the recipes requires liquid smoke…anyone know where to buy this stuff? i never even heard of it before.


just use old bongwater.