List of immigration consultants in Taiwan to help you get Taiwan passport

Here is an official government list of immigration consultants in Taiwan. The list has 279 firms on it. This firms are licensed as immigration consultants. (By law, this license is required.)

The name of the document is 合法設立並領取註冊登記證移民公司

I believe most of them specialize in immigration out of Taiwan to another country. But some of them work on immigration to Taiwan.

You can use this search below, provided by tando, to find firms and then check that the firm is licensed.

tando’s search: (thank you to tando!)
I used google with these words.
無戶籍國民 國際移民 代辦

This search turns up similar results. You can also use this search
移民顧問 移民台灣 無戶籍國民

3 Likes has a list of immigration lawyers.

Here is a list of English speaking lawyers in Taiwan. The list is from the British government. Apparently you can get on the list by request; it does not mean there was additional screening. The word “immigration” seems to be listed as a practice area by two firms.

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Here is a list of lawyers from the American Institute in Taiwan (dated 2011). The list specifically says the attorneys are not screened. There are 20 firms that list immigration as a practice area.

The AIT page is here

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Here is a list from New Zealand

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If you do not read Chinese fluently, you can look up a firm by phone number in the pdf once you find the firm’s phone number.

Seeing that Taiwan has 279 licensed immigration agencies makes you realize how big a place it actually is, despite how small it looks on a world map.

And how much economic activity it attracts! I think this list of licensed immigration consultants does not even include the law firms that do immigration.

Has anyone gone through the lists already and come up with any immigration consultants in Taiwan that speak English well? I can’t speak or write Chinese so definitely need help provided in English. I looked at the linked lists and it seems like such a shot in the dark to just email companies that have their sites all in Chinese, to hope for someone fluent enough in English to help me. Thanks

@SPS Some firms can work using written English in emails. Can you do that?
The law firms know English better than the immigration consultants who are not lawyers, but they can be pricey.