List of International Schools in Taiwan

The most comprehensive list should be here, since the government must approve all international schools. Students attending must be able to show a non-Taiwan passport. TAS is said to also require that it have a recent visa stamp on it. Many Taiwanese have both e.g. Taiwan and US passport. At least until they turn 18 and face compulsory military service (male only). So many of these schools student body looks very Asian, though generally English is spoken in the hallways. … 11447&mp=1

Here are some articles on the subject: … tNode=1358

Generally you will be living in Taipei and lookng at TAS or TES, though some parents choose Morrison or Dominican or others of the 19 schools. TAS is about $27K for the first year and $22K for subsequent years. There is some large initiation fee for capital budget. TES may be amortizing that and just charging a flat $17K. That is for the British section. For exact details and numbers, recommend you go to their websites.

I have heard that Kang Chiao (at least the high school) has recently been approved as an international school.