List of medical terms in Chinese

I was taling to my kid brother Doctor Peng, and he’s saying that back home, there is an invasion of Chinese people. The problem starts when they get sick and go to the clinic where he works, accompanied by a trabnslator. Such translator is also Chinese -from Mainland, to be precise- and has to translate first into English to get to Spanish. Hence, my brother says he understands more when the guy speaks Chinese than when he tries to use Spanish.

“All I need to know is if he’s got diarreah or not”, he says.

After explaining to him why they won’t hire a local for that, and telling him it’s a pity he has no time after double shifts to learn Chinese, well, I offered to compile a basic list of symptoms and send it to him, either as a list or little cards they can shuffle and point to.

Later it also ocurred to me that 1. It has to be in simplified Chinese, which I cannot write 2. I do not need to invent the wheel, there must be something out there along those lines.

Does anyone know where I can find a simple medical list of terms, symptoms, that kind of stuff? I mean, really serious stuff is rather evident -broken bones, cuts, etc, but certain pains have to be elucidated.

There are literally dozens of these on Google – I mean so many where it’s not even worthwhile giving a link in particular. You can select the one you prefer. Pick two random body parts in English, add the Chinese terms for each to your search string, and you should get hundreds. Many are reposts to Mainland forums where people get points for posting stuff. They post the most amazing glossaries in full, all the time.

Have you tried googling for vocabulary list medical simplified Chinese? In the top few hits you’ll find this, which has links to health-related lists with simplified plus pinyin and English, e.g.

[quote]腹泻 fù xiè
( n. ) diarrhoea[/quote]. Check out some of the other results and you might find even better lists.

Ehem, yes, and I got a bundle. But how should I judge which one is the best for my bro’s purposes? Any tips there? Have you any favorite one? Picking one is easy, picking an useful one -and one I can add Spanish to- that’s gonna get intersting…

By the way, what do you think of my little card idea?

Thanks for the link. Something like that, sort of, on that ballpark