List of Multinationals in Taiwan

Can someone tell me where to find a current list of multinational companies in Taiwan with their addresses? I have checked 104 Job Bank, Allotaiwan, Segue and Oriented. The latter claims to have “the most comprehensive database of MNCs in Taiwan available on the net,” but it doesn’t work. :frowning: Any ideas?

You might be able to buy a directory from the American Chamber of Commerce.


OK, hang on a second here. We put that ( up some time ago. We’re a bit wiser now (only a little :blush: ) and have since reality checked our vision. Well, maybe – may well accomplish this feat – and I’m told it’s going to launch soon. Good luck to them

I let the URL expire and Chris has chosen not to pick it up. The database is still online, but is inaccessible. Chris already has copies of the old database and will be using it (and updating it) for – stay tuned.

Thanks Gus. I don’t know the history of Oriented and Segue and I didn’t mean any offense, but I couldn’t find the info i wanted. Nor am I very tech savvy, so I don’t understand exactly what it means for info to be online but inaccessible. But I’ll stay tuned. Thanks. And aside from me not being able to find that info, Segue is fantastic. Thanks a lot.