List of restaurants that are open on 1/24

Is there a list of places that are open during Chinese New Years (1/24)? I know most are closed that day…

  • McDonald’s
  • KFC
  • All the restaurants inside Taoyuan airport and most inside Songshan airport
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u looking for a place to have family gathering ? or buy bian dang to take home ?
most hotel restaurants and restaurants in shopping malls will be open, and fully booked. people like less to cook at home and entertain, so for them it’s good business actually (at least in Taipei )
bian dang stores, breakfast places etc will be closed

Do most reopen for 1/25? E.g. those breakfast places?

depends, usually they close for 3 days, sometimes longer.
depends on neighborhood (e.g. if people stay or leave) and on the owner, if he wants to work

Formosa Chang!

711, Taiwan’s favourite restaurant.

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