List of Things You Could Do on a Four-Day Weekend

I’m going to a 5 star hotel in Ilan paid for by my wife’s company. Feeling smug.


Don’t eat the buffet…it’ll give you the runs.



  1. Give freely of myself and my time to entertain my fans on Forumosa
  2. See number 1.

Watch TV
Watch TV

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It’ll be all you can eat. As long as they don’t do that pork stewed in asafetida for the breakfast buffet I’m cool. That stink makes me fetch.

Fry your brain on YouTube or go skydiving

Read some Nobel prize literature and watch some Oscar movies.

  1. Change closets from summer to winter mode.

  2. Continue Spring cleaning…

  3. So I can switch bedrooms, a long, long, looooong time standing project.

  4. Take dog to new doggie parks.

  5. Try not to watch too much tv/log into Internet.

watch some trilogies:

  • Lord of the rings
  • Indiana Jones
  • Back to the futures
  • The Matrix
  • Star wars
  • Batman ? mm

How did you know my weakness? :disappointed:

Have a good long wank.


You could Netflix (or iTunes) binge one of those quality shows that only lasted one or two seasons like ‘American Vandal’, ‘Vice Principals’, ‘The Knick’, ‘Divorce’, etc.

You could add The Godfather in the list

I hope you didn’t mean this list as a step-by-step process. Drink, drink, drive… :joy:

Go to the place where everyone goes to at the same time.


Wife and I drove to Neiwan yesterday morning. Traffic was light, parking was easy, and the air was cool at 9am. We left just before noon. It was beginning to get crowded, but when we drove out wow - the line of cars to get into Neiwan was more than 5km long. Made me sick to my stomach just thinking about how crowded some places are going to be this holiday.

Nothing to see before noon, you need to get the crowd!

Guess so. The crowd was so sparse that I actually saw lots of things for the first time.