Let's talk about impeachment

Because we’re going to, anyway. Here’s a thread to make it official.

I think an impeachment will be fun. Why? Because this time it’s The Donald, that’s why.

The main difference between Nixon and Trump is that Trump has got balls. Nixon came from a Quaker background. I think that conditioning messed with his head. Nothing quietist about the Orange One.

Bill Clinton got impeached and it was quite literally a joke. A dick joke, no less. The Republicans screwed up by taking it all so seriously. You don’t ever want to be the party of those who don’t get the joke.

It’s clear The Donald will go the scorched earth route. He usually does. It works for him. I rather enjoy it, too.

I enjoy it too. Now that Tulsi is out, it’s Trump 2020 baby! Slay the SJW. Impeach these nuts

So let me understand

As you sit several thousand miles away, commenting from your Internet Eazy-Boy chair, this impending impeachment is fun? Especially because it might include “scorched earth” route and because he has “balls” and not a personality disorder?

My, my, what folks find entertaining for shits and giggles.



Best thing on TV since Seinfeld

I don’t think the Democrats can back down now, so it’s on. I think they’ll drag out the articles of impeachment until their Senators and the MSM has done its dead level best to convince the Senate to convict, hold a House vote to impeach, pass judgment to the Senate, and use their previous efforts to gin things up in the Senate as ammunition in 2020 when the Senate (obviously) does not convict - and probably has it tabled by McConnell so no vote even.

I think they’ll stretch it out as long as possible. They’re painted in a corner now anyway, which is moot since it’s irresistible to them.


I remember that when shit hits the fan and your family or loved ones are involved. :wink::wink:


Its Mueller Time! oh wait

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Since the Democrats know an impeachment attempt has zero chance of succeeding, it’s obvious that it’s political theater meant to influence the coming election. I just don’t think it’s going to influence the election the way they think it will.

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It’s the principle. It’s not acceptable to have as President an unhinged lunatic spending his time with foreign leaders running cheap hit jobs on his political opponents. It’s amazing anyone in a democracy would continue to support him given what we know, but it’s pretty clear that people will continue to do so no matter how deranged or desperate he becomes. It’s totally uncertain whether the attempt will help or hurt the Democrats in the coming election, so if anything should be obvious, it’s that that’s not the intent.


Polls show support for impeachment by about 5%, ranging from about two percent(44-42) to about 7(45-38). Early days, of course. In the only two cases of impeachment recently, Nixon resigned, and Clinton was acquitted with an increase in the polls- but the Democrats lost the next election.

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This I seriously doubt. The idea that someone like Adam Schiff is acting out of principle strains credulity way beyond the breaking point.

In the Senate? Because that’s the only place that counts.

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Or the Democrats are trying to preserve the intergity of the office of the president and the Constitution by performing their constitutional duties.

Not everything has to do with the election or polls. Sometimes folks just want to keep a good thing working. It’s not a zero sum game for some of us.





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How could anyone say that with a straight face? The Dems are just looking for a new way to get cheap votes. It will backfire.


I see the Dems, or most of them, actually trying to address the issues facing the country.

Republicans make zero attempt to care about a anything except Republicans. Unapologetically party over country, and unapologetically un-American.

The GOP president of the US just brazenly suggested we enlist China, our enemy, to investigate a political opponent, shortly after getting busted trying to do so in secret.

How can you watch that, and then think the Dems are the problem? The GOP president is an unhinged narcissistic sociopath, and his Congress is team treason. Are you willing to condemn that?


Can we impeach Pelosi ? Her son …err in Ukraine for a "soccer " initiative .
The fact he held top positions in Viscoil group and NRG lab was not relevant …har har …he obviously sounds intelligent enough for those important positions …go figure

Only if you don’t see the underlying principle. There’s also a point where it cannot be ignored, laughed at, or parried any more and impeachment succeeds.


Yes yes …Russia …I know …I refer you to the giraffe of impeachment TG …see it yet ?

You’re in the peanut gallery. Let me say it again. image

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