Little India Recommendations?

I just returned from a short trip to Taichung. While there I wandered around Little India near SOGO but it wasn’t mealtime so nothing was open. I’m hoping to get back in the somewhat near future and just wanted to ask Forumosans for their recommendations for/against eateries in Little India. In another thread Bollywood was recommended for curry a couple of years ago. Still a good place? I saw another restaurant advertising Thai food and beer. I think it was called Gramma’s something. Good for Thai? Any feedback from recent experiences would be appreciated.

I don’t know much about the Indian’s around Sogo, but there is a Bollywood in Xitun Rd, (in the new busy area near Taichung Science Park), which I find OK, but I prefer the other Indian restaurant a few shops further up, forgot what it is called though. If somebody is interested I can find out.

rice_t wrote:

Thanks for the feedback rice_t. That is the area I am referring to; Jianxing Road, across the street from SOGO. An article in Travel in Taiwan magazine referred to it as Little India. Perhaps that name is not so well known (at least in English) in Taichung?

rice_t wrote:

I’m interested! If you pass it sometime and can post the name and what you like about it I would appreciate it. Thanks again.

Anyone else have any feedback?

i know i’m a little late, but…

the two indian places my wife and i frequent are “the spice shop” which is near the corner of jiansing and taichung port/harbour (just about two stores east on jiansing) and the actual restaurant called “little india” and they’re both right near to the splendor hotel. little india is our new favorite. the prices include naan and rice, so we were able to get three veggie dishes with three rices and three things of naan for about 630 NT. let me know if you have any questions or can’t find them.

I like Andrew restaurant in the same area (couple of doors next to Kebabish). They have a meal set where you just order a curry and can get unlimited rice, naan and soft drinks to go with that. Great way to try different flavors of naan. I like Bollywood’s biriyani, although it’s a big pricey.

The good thing about Spice shop is that it doesn’t seem to have the rest period (2 to 5 p.m.) that the other restaurants have, so if you go during that time, they will be the only Indian restaurant open.

bollywood is pricey but well worth it imo.

I am curious about this Little India. Have you seen anything like it would carry henna, the coloring powder Indian women use to dye their hair and paint their hands?