Little Maltese 1yo looking for a new home


Due to unforeseen circumstances our female Maltese 1 year old needs a new home. Located in Taichung. Fully vaccinated. She has been spayed. She is also house trained to use puppy pads. She is small, weighs just under 3kg

She is affectionate and loves people. Still a puppy so she is very active.

Please email for any other details or interest.


Am willing to foster, if this is something urgent.

She’s so cute T__T but getting a dog technically violates my lease…maybe I can talk to my landlord about it…


I think that these dogs really are cute.

I have never seen one actually walk and they appear to need to ride in purses and strollers?


@wakethenight thanks for the offer. We are looking for a forever home for her though so we’ll wait and see how things go

This one loves being around people. She doesn’t ride in a purse/handbag. She loves her walks and doesn’t pull on the lead unless there’s a person nearby that she wants to greet

She is lovely

UPDATE: She has found a lovely new home and she is settling in well. Thank you all


So jealous of whomever that may be, but happy to hear it.