Live music venues in Taipei? - Jazz, Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock Anything?

Hi People

I’ll be over in Taipei in a week or so and I’ll be staying a month, maybe longer.

I was wondering if there are any good live music venues worth visiting. I’m think bars rather than any huge stadium gigs.

Last time I was over I didn’t manage to find much, plenty of expat type bars, but nothing with much in the way of live music.

I’ll be living in the mrs house which is close to zhongxiao dunhua station, but I’m happy to travel a fair distance if anyone can suggest anywhere good.

Maybe this is dumb question and there really is nothing much, but any advice is appreciated.



Have a look through the listings at

Bobwundaye on Heping E. road has ‘open mike’ nights on Wednesdays starting around 10pm. It’s kind of a hang out gig for musicians on their night off so the quality is pretty good. Revolver has live music several nights a week. For something more Taiwanese (and a bit more expensive) try A*bar in a lane off Nanjing E. Rd section 1. No. 15 nanjing E. Road Section 1 lane 132 中山區南京東路一段132巷15號1樓. They have music usually Thu-Sat nights. Also check gig guide.

Taipei has plenty of live music these days and there has been vast improvement in the quality but it is nothing like a major city in the States so don’t set your expectations too high and you will have a good time.

Jazz: TAV Cafe, Blue Note, Sappho, Brown Sugar.

Also live music venues:
Riverside at Red House.
The Wall.
Legacy at Huashan.

I trust you to find addresses and such for these on your own on Facebook or the Internet. :wink:

Thanks everyone, that’s’ plenty to keep me occupied. Much appreciated.

Second Sapho

and would add Marsalis in the Home Hotel in the Hsin Yi District

Quality acts regularly at both.