Live Radio Rugby Commentary Online

Does anyone have any links or ideas about live rugby commentary online? We’ve lost Supersport and the DSTV satellite and wont be able to watch the South Africa vs Wales rugby test. I’ve been looking for a radio station that has live rugby commentary, but can’t find anything.

Seems to be a total dead zone. :frowning:

I remember finding an Afrikaans radio station that had the big games streaming live … RSG if I remember correctly but I’m not sure.

Cheers. I’ll check out their station.

If this shit keeps up I may as well go back and brave the f***ing crime just to be able to live somewhere I can watch sport like a normal person on weekends. :fume:

Edit: Fokkol. Just checked the RSG schedule.

There’s a list of stations online here…

That’s a good one, but it only has New Zealand games. Looks like they have some good radio shows, though. :thumbsup: