Living and preschooling near shida/taida with a 5yr old

I followed the ‘where to live with children’ threads but the ones I read where mostly about families in a rather typical expat situation.
I am a single mother and I want to move to Taipei for a master at shida/taida. I want to go next summer and of course take my son with me who by then will be almost 5.
In my opinion it would be the best if apartment and kindergarten/preschool would also be in shida/taida area, since I won’t have a car and I like to keep everything in the neighbourhood.

So here is the question: does anyone know about an English preschool or kindergarten in that area?
And maybe also have a hot tip about a nice landlord with a nice apartment there? (I have already been to Taipei several times, so I know the city a bit and I also really like the shida/taida area)