Living in Taichung



Hi All

Considering amove to Taichung with wife and yound daughter. Had a couple of trips in Country already but majority based in Taipei or Taichung Harbour. Looking for information on the usual topics:

Areas to live
Local lifestyle
Things to do

If any of you can help with the above related to Taichung it would be appreciated. Wife is heading over to join me next week so keen to show her some of the best sights in Taichung.
After the last visit the Indorr Prawn fishing will be a go, that was great fun.

Any help, advice or info much appreciated.




Area to live: Nicer apartment/houses in the Xitun district
Local lifestyle: Pro-more relaxed lifestyle and lots of nice looking cafes to chill. Con: Pollution in Taichung is terrible
Transportation: Free bus within a 10 km radius of boarding location but IMO Driving is a necessity.


As mentioned, Xitun district is nice and convenient with everything around you. I live near City Hall and many stores/restaurants/etc are within walking distance.

Lifestyle is relaxed. My company moved me here from LA a year ago. Obviously not “beachy” like Santa Monica, haha…but as you know, the attitude is more chill in Taiwan than almost anywhere.

Transportation: The bus is free as mentioned. I have a two year old son who loves to ride it…but that’s usually the only time. Car is usually easiest…I’ve never had trouble finding parking spots. There is a new MRT which is taking forever…but that’ll be another option…provided you are traveling north-to-south. U-Bike is another option…

Lots of things to do…and events happening every week. New cafe’s or restaurants popping up all the time. The new Flora Expo is now open…been meaning to go. Probably worth checking out.

My son goes to a Chinese day-care/preschool called Jian Sheng. They might do up to kindergarden, although not sure. He only speaks English/Japanese at home (parents)…but somehow they’ve already taught him a ton of chinese, lol. I’d recommend it if it fits your daughter’s age group.

Best of luck!