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I think I figured it out - you were talking about the last video when I was discussing paying too much for the taxi.

That was B-roll - stock footage. The image of a person counting money was used to illustrate us paying too much money and getting ripped off; it is a bit of a strange thing to be concerned about, especially concerning it was maybe $100 US total that the person was counting??

But thanks again for watching, and for your concern.


De nada!

Thanks for the update, Noel. Very granular view of Mexico . . . and nice soundtrack!

I spent a summer in Saltillo when I was 14 with my 24-year-old cousin. We drove down there from Cali. That was when I learned to drink, drive a stickshift, and make progress with the ladies. There wasn’t much left to learn after that epic summer.

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Enjoyed seeing your slice of life at the moment! Do you enjoy doing this style of video? I have not posted any videos in 2.5 months. I’ve pretty much fallen off the wagon. I’m sure I’ll post again but…we’ll have to see what prompts me to make a new video.

Has the temp change been tough to handle for you? Or are you totally basking in the new-found warmth?

For those that might be interested, here is our most recent video in Puerto Vallarta:

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And another one- this one from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Our most recent video on Mexico City, which we absolutely loved:

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I haven’t updated here in a long time. For those of you interested in what we are currently up to, here is a recent video from Istanbul, Turkey:


Nice to see your faces again!

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