Living... Working... Getting there

Hello all!

I am an American expat working in Japan now. I have been working in IT for about 3 years now in Japan. Throughout college and whatnot I studied Japanese… and well IT. Seems I landed right where I belong!

But, I wouldn’t mind taking another step! I am interested in learning Chinese, and from what I read hear Taiwan sounds like an interesting place to be.

How does someone in my situation go about finding a job to get to Taiwan? On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it to get a visa and things like that?

Any popular job hunting sites I should look at?

Thanks for any info, tips, whatever :slight_smile:

Ne, nihon de shigoto shitetara nande Taiwan ni ikitai no? De, Taiwan no kyuurou ha nihon yori hikui yo? Dakara, hikkoshitetara big step dayo?

Can you ask your company for a transfer? You’d make more money that way! Maybe they’d even pay for your housing and give you an expat package.

edit: (from Xiren) to find jobs in Taiwan:

  1. Sunday newspapers.
  2. Post your resume with the National Youth Commission(青輔會).
  3. Post your resume and apply for jobs on one or two of the largest career websites.
  4. Send your resume to the companies you would like to work for even if they are not hiring.
  5. Personal/family connections.