Lobster and Seafood Restaurant

I really want to try this place the next time I go to Hualien:

[quote]the reputation of the 055 Lobster and Seafood Restaurant at the northern end of the No. 11 Provincial Highway (台11線), the road that runs along the coast from Hualien down to Taitung, was too much too resist. I’d been promised good food, reasonable prices, a huge selection of fresh and often unusual produce, and a location looking right out over the Pacific. As a scenic restaurant, however, 055 didn’t cut it. You could certainly see the Pacific, but the intervening distance between window and sea was a mixture of broken concrete, wild grass and gravel. Fortunately, it is very easy to forget about the ocean outside the window, as your attention is quickly grabbed by the colorful profusion of marine life stacked up in glass display cases, or swimming about in plastic baskets immersed in concrete troughs filled with water.

There is no menu. The staff clearly believe that everything you need to know is right there in front of you. “Which type of fish/crab/shrimp do you want?” and “How do you want it cooked?” are the questions put by the staff, often with some impatience. [/quote]