Local Film Industry

Taipei, Dec. 16 (CNA) A revised cinema law aimed at giving a shot in the arm to the depressed local movie industry passed its final reading in the Legislative Yuan Tuesday.

Notable among the changes are incentives to encourage companies to invest in the motion picture industry by crediting their investment against their business income tax. The tax break will be valid for five years after the revision takes effect.

Furthermore, the revised law obliges the government to help the cinema industry when its survival is threatened by imports of foreign movies, such as setting up a fund to offer aid to its workers, marking off theaters for the exclusive screening of domestic movies, or setting a ratio of domestic films to foreign films to be screened at theaters.

Taiwan’s domestic movies accounted for 6.73 percent of all movies shown in the country last year and were attended by only 2.21 percent of all moviegoers. [/quote]
2.21 percent…might as well stop making local films altogether. Who cares?

But maybe something can be done, Sir Reinhold. WIth the right vision, and the right people promoting films, like they did in Korea South, Taiwan films could be revived. But it’s that damn Hollywood thing. Hwood has taken over the world. But Korea proved it could fight back, and Japan is doing well, too. Taiwan film people just need a leader with vision. YOU?

I just love their attitude. Not “lets provide funding and incentives to help make Taiwan’s movie industry into something that interests the public,” but “Let’s stop the public from watching what they want to watch. If they won’t watch crappy Taiwanese films then they won’t get to watch ANYTHING.”
Good thinking, Batman. Bunch of brainless fucktards.
Fortunately though, it’ll come down to the theatre owners, who are probably already fashioning a response of which Blueface himself would be proud.

I can’t help it. That’s FUNNY!

I can’t help it. That’s FUNNY![/quote]
Wish it were mine, but it was brought to you by the fine fellows from Fark, who also brought us the equally wonderful “asshat.”[/url]

fucktards IS really a neat word. wonder if it is registered anywhere yet, and if not, let’s give sandman credit for coining it. it could go global. it’s wonderful. sandman, you are a wordman par excellence!