Local punk zine/comic book now out!

Finally both Bloodstone #8 and Peng Ke Shen Me #2 are coming out in the form of a split zine! The new Bloodstone/PKSM features comics by Leon (creator of Poohat and Tyler’s Office) whose works have appeared in POTS, Highway 11, and X-Pat Mag, and some punk and human rights related articles by myself. Available at cafes around Shida (TBA) at Spring Scream or through us for 100NT. Cheers!

Is this available in Chinese or English?

We only managed to translate the Strike Anywhere interview into Chinese, the rest is in English. We’ll make sure the next issue is fully bilingual - except the comics because Leon’s humor just doesn’t translate well. Cheeahz!

It doesn’t do so swell in the original language either.
Starting an indie zine is always hard work.
Good luck with the endeavor!

well Josefus will be glad to know, yet some of us will be in mourning…Tyler of Tyler’s office is dead, he blew himself up with over 26.5 sticks of dynamite in a crowded night market. I think the pressures of being handicapped and misunderstood by many of his avid readers pushed him to this suicide. I for one didnt see it coming, but Tyler had at times hinted towards it. It seems after POTS english got shut down he was rather despondent. It was my belief as his manager that he become the voice of the foreign community in Taiwan. Sadly some JOSEFUS had misgivings towards having a mentally handicapped person speaking for them. Tyler always lamented the fact that many peopleJOSEFUS would rather have their handicapped bretheren locked away in dark rooms and forgotten , instead of leading a high-class multinational corporation and going on adventures. Sadly … Tyler could not take it anymore and after jumping from the top floor of the Taipei 101 , he left me a letter , after reading it I found that Tyler had left all his money and the running of his factory to a small impoverished boy from an obscure third world country known as “England”. The Boys name is lil’Robby Robbers and he will be taking Tylers place and going on adventures. How fitting is that?

Tylers adopted son’s adventures will soon be taking Taiwan by storm. Maybe JOSEFUS will stop by the office sometime in the future and check things out? Who knows…afterall anything is possible in LIL’ROBBY ROBBERS OFFICE!


Sheeeesh Josefus, you never miss an opportunity to slag Leon’s work and now you’ve done it. He’s been holed up in his Da-An slum feverishly penning a comical Josefus diss. Let the comic war begin!

So which was it?
Blowing up himself in a nightmarket or jumping off 101?
You can’t even get your storyline straight in a 1 paragraph erm…story.

[quote=“Josefus”]So which was it?
Blowing up himself in a nightmarket or jumping off 101?
You can’t even get your storyline straight in a 1 paragraph erm…story.[/quote]He left the letter “after” jumping of 101. So it seems he jumped of 101, left the letter, then blew himself up.

Perhaps there’s a clone involved in this story that we don’t know about?