Local reporters use really strong wording

Why don’t they write “Taipei deputy mayor suing councilor for slander”, why do they always want to make it look more than it actually is. :s

To “Slap someone with a lawsuit” is a quite common phrase in the USA. It actually referrs to ‘slapping the paperwork’ down in front of someone to emphasize the process of legally serving them to the person being sued. This can be a surprise technique sometimes used by process servers on recalcitrant servees.

Of course we Americans are well-known for our tendencies toward violence…/wiseass.

Because it’s a headline - it’s meant to be eye-catching and powerful and make people want to read the story. If it were written plainly, fewer people would care.

That, and sometimes it’s just blatant unprofessionalism in the papers here. But usually the first one.

The more negative it is the more likely people are to read the article. This is backed up by threads on message boards etc… Cynicism and negativity are often cited as the most common traits most journalists have and/or need.

Unless of course he did actually slap him with it.