Lonely Planet Philippines + Travel Questions

When is the new edition coming out? Is there a new edition coming out?
And has anyone been to Camiguin? If I want a beach paradise, where do you guys recommend. I’ve seen paradise at El Nido and at Boracay. I’m looking for a place that was like Boracay when I first went there in 1989.

I’ve got the current edition (June 2003); you are welcome to borrow it (provided you can pass a basic Formosan Odyysey test :smiling_imp: )

I was in the Philippines this August and found a magical remote group of islands - the kind of place you feel guilty writing about. However, it’s not a beach resort location so not what you’re looking for.

that sounds like it might be what im looking for!

im thinking of a quick 4 day trip to the phillipines in november, haven’t really started planning or researching all that much yet though

I’m not looking for a beach resort, but if it had a beach and a relaxing atmosphere, well then, that’s what I want. In what way was your island group “magical”? Details please!

I need advice on flying to Boracay, I’d like to fly Taiwan-Cebu-Caticlan.

Is there any way to fly direct to Cebu from Taiwan? I hate Manila and I like the shopping in Cebu.

[quote]I need advice on flying to Boracay, I’d like to fly Taiwan-Cebu-Catacilan (sp?)
Is there any way to fly direct to Cebu from Taiwan? I hate Manila and I like the shopping in Cebu.[/quote]

I flew to Manila via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific as the direct flight was a rip off. You could probably get a good price Taipei-Hong Kong-Cebu. Tell a couple of travel agents what you want to do and compare what they come up with.

I went to the Batanes Islands which are located about halfway between Taiwan and the island of Luzon. I’ll write a detailed account in the next month or two when I have more time.

Does anyone - ANYONE - have any info about the Kaohsiung/Laoag flight?

Just booked Phillipines Airlines 26,000 for 2 TPE-MNL
See you on the beach!

hmm… lemme see… i would recommend the following places…

Amanpulo (a bit pricey though)

Are there other places IN the P.I to learn windsurfing other Boracay?

As I promised a few months ago, here is some info on the Batanes - a group of islands between Taiwan and Luzon.

They are imo one of the region’s best kept secrets. If you are looking for rugged coastal scenery, idyllic pastoral charms, and an untouched destination then this is the place. Not the place, however, to go for nightlife or scuba diving, or good food! Or women of easy virtue! Killing time in the evenings were not a problem for me - I just bought some liquid supplies and got lubricated.

Although the islands are so close that they can

i have been to batanes as well.

paradise. one can stay at the fisheries school on sabtang for 100 pesos a night (less than 2 US $). starry nights like i have never seen elsewhere as sabtang cuts the electricity to the island at midnight. everything goes dark. the people were wonderful. the province is the poorest in all of the philippines but the kids are clean and well-fed. no apparent homelessness or crime to speak of.

the boat from basco to sabtang will be churning but is well worth it. they all speak english and were very helpful. the local family i met up with wasn’t afraid to drink.

if i won the lottery tomorrow the first place i would go for a month or so (at least) is batanes.