Lonely Planet THAILAND, etc


Two questions:

  1. Can a copy of Lonely Planet Thailand be purchased anywhere in Taipei?

  2. During CNY, Bangkok will likely be a zoo, crowds, etc. Does anyone know if that situation will extend beyond Bangkok, or would travel-escapees to Thailand miss most of the crowds if they went outside of Bangkok and to the North (Chiang Mai)?



  1. No, you can not buy it anywhere. But Page One in Taipei 101 will have copies

  2. You won’t escape crowds in Chiang Mai…to do that go to Chiang Rai. Chiang Mai is just a big version of a Taiwan small town. (I hated it for that reason). Chiang Mai tends to be crawling with westerners most of the time.

go to chiang mai then take the 20 min/usd10 flight to mae hong son…thats where the fun really starts.

Hi Seeker,

I paid $1050NT for the most recent version at Eslite in Taipei train station. If you end up going to Chiang Mai (I just got back :smiley: ) wait until you get there as there are plenty of second hand places knocking out the most recent version.

I agree with matchstick man about the amount of Westerners though.


L :smiley: