Long article in today's Washington Post about the NSB scanda

Good summary of the entire scandal detailing the extent to which the Bush administration has been bought by Taiwan.


US undersecretaries of State come cheap. US$30,000 over 3 years. What a deal!

Taiwan’s money diplomacy has been known for a long time. That a US$100m un-monitored shush fund exists is of course a concern, but the Taiwanese govt had to keep a low profile. If the practice is continued with legislators monitoring the activities, all details of upcoming dispursements will be on the front page of NEXT in no time no matter the wows of silence sworn by those legislators.

The most outrageous of the accusations is that Lee Denghui embezzled the money. He is probably corrupt to some degree, but he used that money for the good of Taiwan. Taiwans situation is delicate - slush funds and funding of third world dictators shopping trips is a small price to pay.