Long distance rates to the US?

Anyone know what the long distance rates are to the US via Chung Hwa Telecom (012 or 019)?

I usually use the net to make calls but today I need to make a one hour call on a landline.


i thought that it was $6 NT with 009… is there a different rate with 019 and/or 012? Are they the discounted prefixes for calling the US also??

Oh darn, I forgot about 009. I was only on for about 35 minutes so I don’t think it should be very expensive.


Chunghwa Telecom is having a special only from August 1st to August 31st. Here’s the rates for calling the US:

Dialing 019 (used to be 012)
First 9 minutes: 1.01 NT per minute
Starting the 10th minutes: 3.6 NT per minute

Dialing 009 (used to be 002)
First 8 minutes: 1.57 NT per minute
Starting the 9th minute: 5.6 NT per minute

Fine Print: These special rates are only valid for calls made between 9 pm and 8 am, or Saturday 12:00 noon to Monday 8 am. Calls made at all other times are charged at the normal rates (4.0 NT per minute for 019 and 5.9 NT per minute for 009).

I wonder if there should be a stickied thread called “Saving Money on Phone Calls”. It’s a big expense for a lot of us. Well, used to be for me until I got hip to the calling card scene a while ago.

If you want to save a fortune on this one hour call, with pretty decent call clarity, using a land line. go to www.phonecardsonsale.com and buy a phone card with an access number from Taipei or another Taiwan city (the card description will tell you what local access points it has).

I’ve been using these cards for 4-5 years, and the quality keeps getting better. For a $20 USD card, I’ve gotten something like 300-400 minutes with which to call the US from Taiwan. There are a ton of cards to choose from. The most recent one I bought is called 3 Way Talk (they all have funky names). I’ve used it to make several long calls abroad. Works fine, and the rate to call a cell phone in the US is the SAME as calling a land line! All you do is call a number in Taipei, input your calling card #, and input the number you want to call. Doesn’t get any easier! :smiley: