Long term contract

I have been with the same school for several years. Last year I asked for a 2 year contract and was told that it was not allowed. This year, I again asked for a 2 year contract and received no reply but when I picked up my contract, it was for 3 years. This means no more physicals for 3 years and my drivers license will be good for 3 years instead of one. It doesn’t hurt to ask. The school also saves money because, as I understand it, they have to pay 500 NT to request your ARC paperwork. Everybody saves.

So…when you have re-apply for your ARC, you have to go through another health test…?

Oh ya! Every year if you only have a one year contract. The old physical is only good for 90 days so it cant be used for the 2d ARC. Fortunately, the physicals are alot faster these days and no urine or stool sample anymore. Used to take half a day but now it’s about an hour beginning to end.

When the responsibility for work visa’s for foreign teachers moved from the Department of Education to the Department of Labor, the maximum allowable visa increased to 3 years. If you and your employer are a good match, it sure saves a lot of hassle.